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  • Aftereffects dynamically updated replace footage….

    Posted by Andy Kiernan on September 27, 2014 at 9:48 am

    Hello all

    I need to set up AE in such a way that the source file can be updated outside of AE but im unsure of how to make this happen!

    Im working for a beer festival, they want 50 pumps on screen showing what beers on what pump (50 pumps 250beers) its on the fly so no pre rendering.

    Im planning on syphoning AE into Resolume so i can do away with rendering. The only idea I have currently is to set up a system where a ‘beer’ is in a ‘pump comp’ that is then nested into a master that is fed to resolume…in the ‘pump comp’ there is a beer.

    To swap out the beer, I use a folder per pump in the AE project window, then when its time to change what beer is on that pump i replace footage and select one of the 249 beers in a folder on deskktop. something like the attached image (ignoring the images, they’ll be beers!)

    Im wondering is there a simpler way someone can think of? Or is there a way of using a ‘floating’ placeholder in a comp so I can simply swap out images in a finder window and it will auto update, as opposed to using the AE project window (I may no be opperating, a bar muppet may get drafted (pun intended) in.

    Any help GREATLY appreciated!!


    Andy Kiernan replied 9 years ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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