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  • Graham Quince

    June 2, 2023 at 8:49 am

    Does it have to be a laptop? AE tends to be resource hungry and can warm up a laptop. I’ve had a few shutdown due to overheating when the ventilation underneath wasn’t perfect.

    I also spent a couple of years with a graphics card that really struggled. If it had been a desktop, it would have been an easy upgrade.

    That being said, a 1Tb SSD isn’t bad, but two separate hard drives would be better. Your programs will take up a lot of space, leaving not a lot of room for cache and project files.

    32Gb will probably be the minimum spec in a couple of years (currently it is the reccomended) and again, laptops are hard to upgrade.

    I’m surprised its Windows 10 and not 11.

    When looking for an After Effects PC, you should:

    • think about RAM, CPU and graphics card in that order – the more RAM you have the better
    • Ideally have 3 hard drives – two can be external. One for Programs, one for files and one for media cache (this one will age quicker with repeated wiping and clearing)

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