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  • Steve Roberts

    May 26, 2022 at 5:21 pm

    Hey all — I’m having issues with AE’s memory usage. It’s gotten so high that I can’t queue up more than one render (through the queue) without closing and reopening AE between renders. Not optimal.

    Mac Studio, AE 2022.4.0, Monterey, 128GB RAM, UHD comp, 19 seconds long. Keyed footage, some effects, nested comps. No dynamic link (ugh) used. Running on Rosetta due to old plugins. “Cache frames when idle” is off.

    (I’ve been using AE since v.3.1, BTW.)

    It seems that purging RAM doesn’t clear as much as I thought, and the same goes for purging during a render (every 12 frames) from the Secret prefs. RAM usage during a render, according to AE, stays around 5 to 7%, but the Mac’s activity monitor shows a steady increase in RAM usage for AE.

    Activity Monitor’s RAM usage for AE reads:

    – 7GB after launching AE.

    – 60 GB after render completed.

    – 51 GB after purging “all memory” in AE.

    – AE’s “about” screen says it’s using 3% of 128 GB, while the Mac’s activity monitor says 51GB (40%).

    Huh. So purging RAM in AE only purges preview frames? Well, that’s only semi-useful, because I still need to close and re-open AE to free up memory for the next render.

    Is this messed-up behaviour on AE’s part, or am I missing something? Is the Media Encoder much better when it comes to memory usage on a render?

    If there’s a page that clarifies this, please do, lead me there. Thanks.

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