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  • After Effect 2015 Playback and Workflow Issues. Anyone else?

  • Damian Dunne

    April 21, 2016 at 3:01 am

    hi guys,

    I’m fairly experienced with AE and have many production years under my belt but as of late it has been really giving the craps – Nuke anyone?? So much so I thought I would take this to the forum and see if anyone has been experiencing similar types of problems…. so here I go

    – when I go to zoom in and out it missus differing levels of zoom and ends up super close up.
    – sometimes when I go to zoom it produces weird lasso marks across the canvas. See attached screenshot:

    – when I enter in type it produces an empty type / lasso box when none was created.
    – when I enable Video Output to my Sony OLED playback is dramatically reduced from 25FPS (comp setting) to 15FPS! Sometimes this is fixed by zooming the canvas window out to 200%. What the??
    – A big one, is when I go to grab a mask or shape layer point, the point itself slips vertically before Ive even moved my wacom pen…

    Overall general performance isn’t super great either. I’m running on a beefy 2014 iMac 5K with all scratch disks, memory allocation, etc, etc triple checked. I’ve even reformatted the system.

    Can anyone shed some light on this situation? I’m a bee’s d*** away from switching packages I reckon.


    be the ball

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