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  • AFD embed on HDCAM

  • Jeremy Doyle

    November 17, 2009 at 12:15 am

    First let me state that I know next to nothing about what I’m about to ask. I did a little reading after finding some info on a google search, so I think a get it a little – very little.

    I send out an HDCAM master for air, from that the station center punches for the SD channel. They told me if I want my program to be letterboxed on the SD channel to insert the AFD code of 1010 on line 11. This is something that they aren’t able to do yet, this is there first year broadcasting HD and are still figuring things out themselves. They tell me that they should be able to do this next year, but right now the only way is if I add the AFD code myself.

    My question is simple, how is this done? Is this something that can be done when the CC is added?

    If it matters, I edit in FCP and layoff to tape through a KONA 3 to a Sony HDW-S2000.

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