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Forums Adobe Premiere Pro Advice Needed in Setting up a New Multi-Cam Sequence with Multi-Channel Audio and Mixing Down to Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound.

  • Advice Needed in Setting up a New Multi-Cam Sequence with Multi-Channel Audio and Mixing Down to Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound.

  • Phil Green

    January 6, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    Hi Folks

    I am wondering if anyone can help me setting up a new Multi-cam Source Sequence? What I have is 6 Cameras In Total. 5 of the Cameras

    are Sony FX7E HDV PAL 50i 1440×180 with 2 Channel Standard Stereo Audio and the other is a Sony SR-55

    with an AVCHD 1920×1080 with a 5.1 surround sound track. I also have 1 CD Track ripped to WAV and Converted to 48Khz with Adobe

    Audition of songs to add in and also a further 2xZoom Audio 2 Channel Stereo Tracks at 48Khz

    Anyway, here what I was thinking (workflow?)

    Add the 5xHDV 2 Channel Stereo Video Clips and the 6th AVCHD 5.1 as a 5.1 surround sound track aka 5.1.

    Then Take the Audio from All the Channels and make a ‘Super 5.1 Surround Sound Mix’ by combining all of the Stereo Tracks from all of

    the HDV Cameras, Zoom Audio Recorders and CD Track to the Left and Right Channels of the 5.1 Mix

    So it would come out like (Mixed Down)

    L (1xAVCHD 5.1 Left Channel, 5xHDV Left Audio Channels, 2xZoom Recorders Left Audio Channels, and 1 CD Track Left Stereo Channel)

    R (1xAVCHD 5.1 Right Channel, 5xHDV Right Audio Channels, 2xZoom Recorders Right Audio Channels, and 1 CD Track Right Stereo Channel)

    C (1xAVCHD 5.1 Center Channel)

    LFE (1xAVCHD 5.1 Low Frequency Channel)

    Ls (1xAVCHD 5.1 Left Surround Channel)

    Rs (1xAVCHD 5.1 Right Surround Channel)

    Then nest the Multi-Cam Source Clip it into a New Sequence to edit the Multi-cam Switch, having the facity to be able to Mix down each

    of the tracks individually be able to mix down each of the 5 HDV’s Stereo Tracks to the left and right of

    a Final 5.1 Master then do the same for the Zoom audio tracks and CD tracks, so in affect, as I say make a ‘Super Left and Right 5.1

    Front the 7x Stereo tracks mapped to the left and 7 of the 5.1 one along with the native AVCH

    So here is a summary of the source material

    1 HDV Video with 2 Stereo 2 Tracks of 48Khz Audio

    2 HDV Video with 2 Stereo 2 Tracks of 48Khz Audio

    3 HDV Video with 2 Stereo 2 Tracks of 48Khz Audio

    4 HDV Video with 2 Stereo 2 Tracks of 48Khz Audio

    5 HDV Video with 2 Stereo 2 Tracks of 48Khz Audio

    1 AVCHD Video with 5.1 Surround Sound 6 Tracks of 48Khz Audio

    Audio Only

    1 Zoom H2 (Hall Audio) 2 Channel Stereo 48Khz

    1 ZOOM H1 (Mixer Desk Audio) 2 Channel Stereo 48Khz

    1 CD Track Ripped to WAV and Converted to 2 Channel Stereo 48Khz with Adobe Audition)

    The Production is a Pantomime.

    What I am wanting to do is be able to use the Audio from all of the sources including the various camera audios.

    Though one of the Zoom Tracks being a direct feed from the sound mixer desk, which I will be mostly using I was thinking that would be

    useful to be able to mix in any all or combination of the camera audio tracks in for audience

    reactions, applause, cheers etc when needed.

    So Basically What I am wanting to do is to be able to bring in Audio from all of the tracks to allow me do to a mix in the Multi-Cam

    Nested Sequence and Mix Down the lot to a 5.1 Super Mix and also have the option to do a Final Standard 2 Channel Stereo Mix Master

    final Export Output in Encore to make a both a DVD and Bluray with both Standard Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound Tracks, if this is


    I’ve been spending a few days on and off doing some testing and still not complete 100% and what is the best way to setup the Original

    Source Multi-Cam before I can begin

    At the momemt I have tried a few settings and am still a bit confused.

    If I select the AVCHD 5.1 Clip as the first clip then all the other HDV Clips and Zoom Audio’s and Audio CD Tracks there after, then

    select ‘Make Multi-cam Source Sequence’. Premiere Pro creates me a 5.1 Multi cam Source Sequence which is

    Mapped to 4×5.1 tracks, which when I look in the modify Audio Settings on the Sequence then I can see that it has indeed mapped to just

    that 4×5.1’s however I notice when I nest this source sequence into a new sequence by dragging into

    a new item and allowing Premiere Pro to automatically make a sequence, then I have 4 tracks of 5.1 but the mapping is coming out all

    wrong or what seems incorrect to me, it is through I have run out of channels to map to the 5.1

    channels, since I guess there are only 32 Channels Available Total and what Premiere Pro is doing is using up 4 additional channels up

    in mapping the all of 2 channel stereo clips to 6 channels of 5.1, including the 2xStereo Zoom Tracks

    and Also the 2 Channel Audio CD Tracks, when of course only 2 out of the 6 available 5.1 tracks are needed, only the AVCHD contains a

    true 6 channel 5.1 Audio, which needs the full 6 Channels to be mapped. Calculating at that rate I

    would need 9×6 Audio Channels (54 Separate Audio Channels) well over the 32 Channel Limit. Upon looking at the settings I see no way to

    use the renaming channels C LFE Ls Rs to change them to standard Stereo, if you know what I mean?

    On another note when I do the same procedure again only this time Select one of the HDV files as the first track then do Create Multi-

    cam Source Sequence’ Premiere Pro then creates me a 12 Channel mapped to Stereo, which when I drag

    over to a new Sequence still doesn’t give me what I was looking for. the AVCHD 5.1 is then down-mixed to back to standard Stereo and

    all of the Audio Track Mixer Channels read 1+2 and it seems as though I am only getting Audio from Audio

    1, which is mapped to one of the Zoom Recorder 2 Channel Stereo.

    What I need is one of the Gurus to help me out here, I am confused by the whole thing. I know I need probably to make adaptive tracks

    is that correct and get my head around the correct mapping.

    Thank You Taking the time out to read this long post and I Hope it makes some sense?

    Any answers and input are welcomed, and am sure this has probably been covered or asked before so if so please feel free to chime in or

    point me to any other relevant threads.

    Many Thanks In Advance

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