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  • mark anderson

    May 16, 2005 at 2:31 pm

    our set up is 4 edit suites, 3 adrenalines, one media composer 10.1. all are connected through unity media storage. we have been able to creat projects in composer room, shut down and continue on adrenaline room. create project in adrenaline room, shut down and work on it in the composer room. certainly some effects will transfer to composer as rendered to play back newer effects, but with the blank button above the effect saying “i don’t know what this is, but here it is.” it was a work situation we could deal with. now we have recently run into the situation where we are getting a message in the composer room “unable to open file “XXX” exception: domain copyout failed exception illegal object version pcid prit version 2 min 1 max 1″ these are bins that may have been created in composer, worked on in adrenaline and tried to open again in composer. they are still avialable on the adrenaline. not all composer files are unavailable. it doesn’t seem to matter where they were created. sometimes the files will open, in the composer room, other times no. i have gone so far as to find a folder i could open in the composer room, close it, go into the adrenaline room, add contents from the project i can’t get into into this folder, close it and try to open the folder 2 minutes ago i was able to get in to, to find it’s locked back in the composer room. it’s easy to blame the operating systems (windows nt, windows xp), except that we started out being able to do this with no problem at all! any help appreciated.

    mark anderson


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