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  • add Tracks to Timeline

  • Adam Berch

    September 10, 2020 at 8:43 pm


    I have a few questions. I am working on FCPX.

    1) how do I add Video and/or Audio Tracks to the timeline? I need to add about 3 of them. Can I add them using keyboard shortcuts instead of dragging with the mouse?

    2) I work with 2 monitors and I want to put my Browser on my right monitor. How can I make it smaller so it does not take up the entire monitor?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Gabriel Spaulding

    September 10, 2020 at 9:02 pm

    There are no tracks in Final Cut Pro X, meaning you’re not forced to target specific areas to place media. For the most part you just put things wherever you want. You can drag media into a Project, or press E to append a file, Q to connect it, W to insert, and D to overwrite (you can also perform back timed edits by holding the Shift key in combination with Q or D). Audio files are automatically placed below the Primary Storyline (the dark stripe in the timeline, generally used for building the spine of your story), video files, graphics and titles are stacked above the Primary Storyline. You can of course rearrange the stacking order at will. I suggest you read up on Roles, which add a whole new level of organizational and structural power, and are particularly useful for audio editing and mixing.

  • David Battistella

    September 11, 2020 at 12:03 pm

    Just drag shots, media, images, titles or whatever you want and the “tracks” appear. If you want a more traditional looking “timeline” you can use ROLES and LANES to have things stay in specific places. IE: you could create ROLES called V1 V2 V3 but then media in each one of those lanes would have to be tagged with that ROLE.

    The best thing to do with FCP X is dive in, forget about the way you have done things in other apps and feel the fluidity of the interface, it really makes the process of editing much simpler and even pleasurable.


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