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  • Add thousands of hair intances

  • Mohsen Amini

    May 9, 2020 at 7:04 am

    Hello guys. here is a large scene with thousands of hair instances:
    how do you manage to optimize this scene? I used a capsule with a minimum number of polygons. also, I tried to color the surface just like the hair instances so I would not need to put hair in the far distance. I only put the hair in a limited radius. also, I used an alpha for growth of the hair so they are going gradually to zero length in distance. this is a 2 thousand frame animation and I need an object to interact and collide with those and there should be also a turbulence effect int he scene. I also have different camera angles so I kinda need to put the hair everywhere and not only from this view. I tried using cloner and instance mode, but I don’t know if I can get a good collide and interaction with that. so I chose the hair. I needed a good and precise collision so I had to choose “Hairs” in the advanced section of the hair Dynamics. when I am trying to cache this hair it will take like 3 days and 40 GB of cache. after that C4D can’t even handle that cached file easily. it will get really slow and we can not even work with that anymore. I am not even sure if I should cache the hair or just start rendering the project and wait for a week to finish ????

    C4D also uses only around 30% of the CPU when caching the hair. I remember reading somewhere that c4d only uses 1 core of CPU for the hair system. anyway, I am not sure if I am doing everything correctly or not ????

    maybe we can use Cloner and some deformers? since cloner can be much faster in my case, I was thinking of collision deformer or using forces, but could not get a good result ????

    so any solution to make it more optimized or any tricks? Thanks, guys ???? issue.rar?dl=0

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