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  • A quarantine success story, and nod to Litepanels

    Posted by Todd Terry on May 6, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    It’s good when things go right… here’s a quick success story I thought I’d mention.

    I love Litepanels lighting instruments, especially their Astras. I recently developed a problem with the first one I ever bought years ago, a 1×1 4x bi-color panel (it just wouldn’t stay on, or not fire up at all).

    I sent an email to the support people at Vitec, the parent company, telling them I needed a repair. I knew I’d have to pay for it since this was long out of warranty… but this was an expensive instrument and I needed it fixed.

    They wrote back promptly telling me (to my non-surprise) that they couldn’t help me right then because almost everything was shut down, including their US and European repair centers. They asked me to touch base again in two weeks.

    I wrote back a couple of weeks later and this time promptly got a phone call.

    The nice guy on the phone apologized and said they still couldn’t fix the unit, that they didn’t know when the repair operations would be back up. But he said he knew what the problem was, that it was a power issue with the big circuit board inside. Since they were not able to fix it in house, he said he would be happy to FedEx me a new board, no charge, if I thought that was a repair I could make myself.

    A couple of days later the board was delivered, and in 20 minutes the light was back up and running (and 10 minutes of that repair time was me looking for an allen wrench). The enclosed invoice was indeed marked “No charge,” although this is a several-hundred-dollar part (and basically the entire guts of the light).

    So BRAVO and thanks to Vitec and Litepanels. Good folks who went above and beyond.


    Todd Terry
    Creative Director
    Fantastic Plastic Entertainment, Inc.

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