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  • A plea to all plugin developers

  • Mylenium

    April 27, 2005 at 7:00 am

    Hi everyone,

    you all know me (more or less) so it should be easy to judge whether this is a valid request or not.

    Lately the After Effects community has somewhat been stricken by disaster in the way that is has been robbed of three of its greatest third-party tools: Bresnev Shu’s Expression Effects and Koala Lumpor are out of reach since the website is gone and nobody knows how to reach the guy. Profound Effect’s Useful Things have been sold to Sony and I’d bet it will take a while before they re-appear under the new brand and then development may continue only slowly (depending on how committed Sony are about it). This gap, or more precisely large chasm, needs to be filled! I admit that some personal desparation is involved here – I had the demo version of Expression Effects lying around forever and just when that one serious project comes up and I wanted to buy it, it was gone – but let’s not get that in the way. So please, someone bring them back! I’m not asking to develop another full-blown Useful Things or Koala Lumpor, but at least Expression Effects ore more precisely the part that was esential and made them so great: Access to masks and their manipulation. Please forgive my somwhat simplistic and ignorant view (my knowledge of programming is limited to scripting languages), but since you all are seasoned developers it shouldn’t be too much to ask. The toolset I ask for is as follows:

    – Path Catalyst – Manipulate the mask shape as a whole using basic transformations
    – Segment Analysis – derive info of mask segments between two vertices
    – Vertex Analysis – derive info from vertices
    – Vertex Catalyst – manipulate a vertex’ position and tangents
    – (new) Path Analysis – derive the overall length and other values of the entire mask (not directly possible with Segment Analysis, requires some more complex expression code)

    Kind regards


    [Pour Myl

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