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Forums Cinematography A DIT question: to RAID or not to RAID

  • A DIT question: to RAID or not to RAID

  • Angelo Lorenzo

    May 4, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    *This didn’t get any love in the field production forum, but since the DIT is part of the camera department and we all have to work through data storage, I figured it was worth the double post*

    When I perform DIT work, I usually purchase pairs of external drives. I use Shotput Pro to offload data from camera and sound media which allows me to offload to multiple disks simultaneously. Time-wise, offloading to two separate drives is a non-issue.

    I had the chance to work with a director’s GSafe which is Hitachi’s little two drive RAID 1 box and I liked using it. I kind of want to purchase one, or something similar, on my own.

    -Smaller footprint
    -Less cabling
    -Keeps an eSATA port open for the RED Station (my tower only has two eSATA ports) so it eliminates a speed bottleneck there
    -Cheaper for productions as bare drives are less expensive than full external drives

    -I don’t need to purchase this as all productions supply a hard drive budget, so I can just get externals
    -Bare drives are more fragile to transport and store outside of the RAID trays once they are handed to the client
    -Post production would need a hard drive docking station (hard drive toaster) to deal with bare drives
    -Full mirroring is a blessing and a curse; Data loss from accidental human deletes could be a factor albeit a very small one. I’m the only one who touches data on-set, and while in a RAID, and I’m not that foolish

    Thoughts? Looks like logically the answer is leaning more towards no, so maybe I’m suffering from some gear lust.

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