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  • 9 edls into one time line

  • Dylan Carter

    July 27, 2005 at 8:59 pm

    Okay this seems simple, but I SUCK at FCP. I have 5 spots, each 30 sec. There are multiple layers (9 to be exact). What is the prefered method for building these on top of each other? I found a few clunky ways, but it seems as though there must be a simple way I am missing.

    ANY help would be great – I’m working on this right now 🙂

  • Bryce Whiteside

    July 27, 2005 at 10:35 pm

    What do you mean by EDL? You have 9 seperate EDL layers from another editing package?

    If that is the case, open them up in their seperate sequences. Take the first sequence see where it starts (note the TC). Make a 10th sequence and type in the TC from 1st sequence in the CTI (Current Time Indicator) window in the upper lefthand corner of the sequence timeline. Just click in that window to type the TC. The CTI should jump to the new timecode. Hit “M” quickly twice so you set a mark and can label it “Sequence 1″ or Sequence Layer 1”. Rubberband the clips in your imported Sequence 1 and copy/paste into your new Sequence 10 and drag the clips with snapping on (“N” on your keyboard toggles on/toggles off–you can turn it on and off while dragging your clips). Do the same for the rest of your sequences, but paste after the 30 sec mark in your new sequence so you don’t have to worry about targeting the correct Video Track. Drag your newly paste clips up to the proper Video Track and drag to your next placed marker for “Sequence Layer 2”. Repeat for the other 7 imported sequences.

    You could nest the sequences in your 10th sequence, but that would mean jumping back and forth between sequences to edit them. Also, if you nest sequences be sure to mark at least the first clip inpoint. It will show up in your new Sequence 10. I don’t like this method because you can’t individually color correct or modify the individual clips in your imported nest.

    Probably not what you want because you mean something else, but at least we got the ball rolling.


    Don’t worry Mr. B. I have a cunning plan…

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