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  • 4k Film Scan workflow

  • Gus Spelman

    October 26, 2021 at 4:50 pm

    I’m working on a piece that was shot on film, scanned to 4k DPX sequences, and then transcoded to 1920 prores LT for offline. We picture locked today and I have a few shots to prep for VFX, so I figured I would just pop the DPX sequence into Premiere and kick out the pieces I need from there. But I’m starting to suspect that it won’t be that easy. Each film reel is almost 2 TB, and it’s importing veeeeeery slowly.

    I’m wondering what others have done in similar circumstances…I was thinking one way to go might be to break the reel into multiple folders, so that each DPX sequence is smaller and easier to handle. Obviously that’s a little tedious, so I’m hoping there’s a simpler solve…

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