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Forums Adobe After Effects 3ds Max / Brazil > AE or Combustion : Can I use RSMB Motion Vectors ?

  • 3ds Max / Brazil > AE or Combustion : Can I use RSMB Motion Vectors ?

  • Daniel R

    April 2, 2005 at 12:06 am

    Hi ,
    I’ve been on the RevisionFx website reading about using RSMB in AE . The thought of using 3D package vectors is really exciting …

    It seems like Max 6 / Mental Ray can export vectors in RPF files … but that’s it for AE .

    Is there any other workarounds for Brazil Renderer ?

    Are there more renderers supported when exporting RPF > importing into Combustion ?


  • Pierre Jasmin

    April 2, 2005 at 8:17 pm

    In theory the Pixel Velocities from the Max scan-line renderer should work. In practice it’s something no app currently interprets correctly on input except perhaps Digital Fusion at least for getting it in (although the Y seems transposed and you need a pixel scripting custom tool to remap it). The Motion out Max via Mental Ray is broken in Max7,7.5 , we filed a bug report… So what to do?

    Things to try:
    search: RPF channel
    The President of Boboland seems to have such a script (not sure it it works)
    If you can extract images out of it, I will certainly look at it.

    Why don’t you ask the people that do Brazil? If they do the renderer, they can actually do multi-pass for cheaper. Else if you know someone that can write a Brazil shader, I can give instructions.


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