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  • 3D tracking mask? recreation tips

     Alex Lowe updated 1 week ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Alex Lowe

    May 1, 2021 at 1:34 am

    I am trying to recreate this effect credit goes to @jperldev

    I tried posting a comment for feedback but the creator isn’t responding so I’m here for help. I have a speed cube rotating in the center and the camera stationary. I have managed to get a triangle to follow my trackers and sit just under the cube. The triangle would not be in the final video. I’m trying to figure out how to cut out anything from the video that is outside of that triangle except for when the cube leaves the triangle just like the guy did with the cats in that link I posted. The cats extend out of the triangle and overlap the triangles next to it. Idk if I need to mask it out frame by frame or if there is a quicker way. Please help and be detailed or dumb it down so I would understand please. If you can refer me to a video that visually shows me what would help please send that. I am a visual learner. Thanks

    If I have to do it frame by frame I will but that will take time and I would like to do this again for other projects. I did the math for fun. For a single rotation loop it takes 25 secs with 30 fps and the triangle mask has 3 points and it takes 3 sec to move a single point of the mask to the next frame spot. Just this one masking will take me 112 mins or 1h 52min. So please someone help me figure this out 🙂 <— This is what i am talking about so far. the 1st photo goes with this video

    UPDATE: I was able to use this auto trace and it traced the triangle layer but I realized that the triangle is a 3d layer and the video is not so when I copied the mask from the triangle layer to the footage it just pasted a plain 2d triangle that didn’t move. (THIS DIDN’T REALLY HELP)

    UPDATE: <– the 2nd and 3rd photos goes with this new update. I feel like I am on the right track but I can’t seem to get everything outside the triangle to disappear from the footage. At this point I would be happy to see the inside to disappear to show some progress.

    I can see something happen when I change the solid to a color other than black and after I change the track mate to luma matte or luma inverted matte (they both look the same) now if I can get the blue to go away and only show the actual footage in the original color then I’ll be happy.

    UPDATE: I have now made the padovan spiral loop. now all i need is the speed cubes placed on their colored triangles. any suggestions on how i can do this??

    Fractal cats from AfterEffects

    Fractal cats from AfterEffects

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