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  • 360 Video: Don’t understand ‘Reorient’ tool

  • Dave Smith

    January 30, 2019 at 6:18 pm

    Hi, I’m trying my hand at 360 video and am running into the same issue over and over… driving me nuts. My goal is to have the initial orientation of a 360 clip pointed at something interesting in the frame before the viewer pans around… the problem is the orientation of each 360 clip keeps changing on me after being set and I don’t know what I’m doing to cause it to happen.

    Example: use the Reorient tool on a clip in the right-hand window of the 360 Viewer to get a nice composition for the opening of the shot which can be seen in the left-hand window. Great. Move to the next clip… repeat process with Reorient tool. I do this for the 5 clips in my timeline and at some point along the way the orientation of all the previous clips (in the left window) have changed significantly.

    A couple of times at first I accidentally ‘reoriented’ the clip in the left-hand 360 Viewer window instead of the right. Realizing my mistake I went back, reoriented all the clips again being certainly to only use the Reorient tool in the right-hand 360 Viewer window… each time skimming back through to make sure I hadn’t done something to mess things up. Somehow, some way… the orientation of all the clips has changed. Grrrr.

    I have noticed when it happens that all the clips are ‘off’ by the same amount of tilt, pan, roll (whichever the case may be). Probably my ignorance here but aren’t tilt, pan, roll settings specific to each clip? If I move the tilt, pan, roll back so the one clip I’m looking at is reoriented properly again all the other clips move the same amount and retake the original orientation I defined. So weird.

    Either I don’t understand the tool still after watching and reading all I could… or there is something fishy going on with Final Cut. I suspect user error but haven’t been able to work out what I’m doing wrong each and every time.

    Any ideas appreciated!

  • Dave Smith

    February 1, 2019 at 9:30 pm

    I figured it out by doing nothing different that i could tell. I literally just kept going back and adjusting the orientation for each clip until i made it to the last one without any others being affected and exported immediately. Great, hopefully I can reproduce that in the future. Now to figure out why the resolution is brutal even at 4k.

  • Andy Barnett

    February 19, 2020 at 11:42 am

    I am having this issue too, the FCPX 360 re-orient tool seems to work on a number of clips but then suddenly starts taking the orientation from the last clip I worked on throwing the whole project view out. Is anyone else experiencing this, is it a bug?


  • Paula Young

    August 5, 2020 at 11:16 pm

    Has anyone figured this out yet? I’m also very new to this and have only edited 360 on my Samsung phone so far (though I edit normal video on FCP professionally). I’ve watched a few YouTube videos but they seem to show I ought to have an ‘orientation’ setting rather than just a ‘reorient’ option. Someone else has told me this must be because I don’t have ‘equirectangular’ selected in the 360 projection mode option in the inspector. That’s not the case as I do have that selected. Any help much appreciated! I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but if someone could please tell me what it is I’d be eternally grateful. Thanks.

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