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  • 3 GB + FC and ultra160 SCSI RAID price drops

  • ismaelr

    September 20, 2005 at 6:13 pm

    patiently i wait for agressively priced RAID devices, to be use in a SAN cluster. in the 3 TB to 5 TB range, price are all over the map, but today i’ve discovered some great pricing, that i thought i would pass on.

    on the opening of the apple expo 2005 in paris, apple sells a 3.5 GB xserve RAID FC solution for $8500. a well known storage vendor ATTO, has on their ATTO online store four RAID solution either offering 3.8 TB or 4.3 TB FC or dual ultra160 SCSI connectivity for $6000 and $6500 respectively for the dual ultra160SCSI. add $300 for the 2 Gb FC connection. the raw drives (hitachi deskstar serial ATA 500 GB) usually cost $350 each, so nine drive would cost $3150, so the RAID array costs in the neighborhood of $3000.

    i’m waiting for lower priced solutions, but this is very low for today.

    ismael rosales

    chief information architect

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