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  • 12 year old new Youtuber needs support with Resolve and Shooting noiseless video on phone

     Ricardo Marty updated 1 year ago 5 Members · 12 Posts
  • Prasad Narasimha

    May 16, 2020 at 3:56 pm


    My sons 12 and 13 have started their new channel. I have a computer with decent specs and we shoot videos on our phone @ 1080p – I used to edit 1080p 15 years back on my office laptop and did not have any issues and I find it strange that I am struggling today with a relatively powerful desktop. Not sure if its entirely due to Resolve or whether some tweaking to my settings will set things right.

    Firstly my rig:
    Ryzen 5 1600 six core CPU
    16GB Team Force DDR4 RAM
    512GB Adata X8200 NVME m.2
    AMD RX 570 4 GB
    Resolve 16.1 free version

    I primarily shoot with my Redmi K20 Pro (snapdragon 855), copy it to my desktop and import clips into media pool – something I have been doing on other softwares for 20 years.

    Following are the very basic edits my kids do – most clips are 2-3 mins long max and the entire video end to end would not cross 10 mins

    (a) trim videos
    (b) Fast forward them 2-10X (increase clip playing speed)
    (c) Apply transitions
    (d) Apply Titles or text

    With my desktop I would assume the above tasks would breeze through – but every time we make a change – a transition, new text , change clip speed, it gets extremely glitchy (we see this red bar which has to turn blue and it takes forever). Many a times we have to wait 1-2 mins for the change to take affect and sometimes it is so bad…that we actually render it and watch the mp4 video rather than look at the preview pane

    Also since their channel is 15 days old and we aren’t getting much views, I do not wish to invest in a DSLR. Today’s phones should be able to shoot decent videos, particularly on a tripod – even during nights. However as you can see in their videos below – they are really bad. I dont think i can shoot RAW on my phone. I also have DJI Osmo Action. The other day I tried the flat profile during night – but again it had too much noise to make a difference. I can definitely improve my video by adding extra light on their faces..but still I feel I am doing something wrong with the basics.

    Please let me know what is it we are doing wrong that is causing this frustrating editing experience on a powerful computer. Given what we are doing is pretty basic…should we go back to something simple like windows movie maker instead?

    Also let me know how we can shoot decent video with our mobile phone..should we avoid night time shooting?

    Here is their youtube channel where you can see how bad their video is when they speak.

  • Glenn Sakatch

    May 17, 2020 at 3:44 pm

    As far as your video goes…..i’ve seen worse.

    Honestly, i think you might be a bit picky when critiquing a youtube channel for kids, shot on a phone.

    Yes your phone is possibly the issue.
    What format is it shooting at?
    You could try transcoding to an edit friendly format in Resolve before you start editing, but it wont increase the quality…but perhaps the usability.

    Your computer specs for resolve are a bit weak, even though you are doing simple little videos…that could be part of your problem. Resolve is a bit of a hog on graphics memory, and you only have 4 gigs.
    Your 16 gigs of ram is probably at the lowest point you would want as well.

    What are you outputting at for youtube?
    The pixelization/glitches could be your output settings, or the inconsistant frame rate that the phone is recording at.

    Would i recommend buying better gear for your kids to have a Youtube channel?
    Would the quality increase if you did


  • Tod Hopkins

    May 17, 2020 at 5:05 pm

    I agree that the audio is not bad. Perfectly acceptable for what you are doing. Some ways to improve the audio without investing money. Get closer. Record in quiet spaces with lots of soft surfaces. Outside works of course, if quiet, but stay away from walls, especially stone or concrete. Inside, cover floors and walls. Hang heavy blankets, put down carpet. Anything you can do to eliminate sound-reflecting surfaces.

    Find and learn to use sound filters, especially normalization, compression, denoise (if you can find a good one), and de-reverb. The first two are the most important. Again, I don’t know Resolve, but it has a very powerful audio app in its suite. You might want to round-trip some tracks even if you never learn how to use Fairlight for mixing.

    As for the performance in Resolve, I suspect the power of your computer is probably not the real issue. I suspect it’s the particular video compression and format you are shooting. Not 1080p. That’s fine. Make sure you are shooting a fixed frame rate. 30, 25, or 24fps. Phone compression is also likely to be an issue. Highly compressed formats are harder to edit directly. I don’t know that phone, but the easiest solution is probably to convert the native phone video to an editing format: ProRes, DNxHD, or Cineform. I’m not sure what intermediate Resolve prefers.

    Here’s a good article by someone who knows much more than I do.


    Tod Hopkins
    Hillmann & Carr Inc.
    Washington, DC

  • Prasad Narasimha

    May 17, 2020 at 5:15 pm

    Many thanks to both of you to respond. very kind.

    I agree my kids videos are not very bad compared to other hand held jerky videos.

    I bought a 3 dollar mike compatible with my phone..its not unidirectional and all that…but audio is way better than phone mic. Once they get more serious…I will buy a 10 dollar mic. (I live in India and hence amounts sound small in USD :))

    I did google on tips to make resolve editing faster…..there were definitely many channels on youtube…we followed couple of them blindly and they did make a ton of difference.

    One thing I see where we are struggling is increasing the clip 2-10X to decrease the duration. Now we are smartly editing by deleting 90% of the footage and running it at normal speed. that takes care of the issue.

    We are learning – again, the channel is not intended to make them youtube stars – just to make them learn a new skill since the government here has locked us down for 2 months now and we are yet to hit the peak.

    As far as the other suggestions to shoot in sound proof environment..etc. – Again life in India is very different – hence I normally shoot very late at night when the traffic sound is low.

    I am looking at more tips and tutorials and also try and shoot more in day time to have noise free videos.

    Thanks again for taking the time out to reply and stay safe and if subscribe to their channel!!

  • Prasad Narasimha

    May 17, 2020 at 5:18 pm

    Thanks for the reply!!

    I shoot h.264 on phone. I tried 265 but resolve would not recognize the clip.

    I will try and shoot more videos with my DJI Osmo Action as it has a flat profile and shooting during day time should make it noise free as well. Only issue here is that i cannot plug an external mic (the only adaptor available is expensive and not sold in India) – we will try and capture audio on phone and stich them together in post.

    My input as I mentioned above is h.264 and my output out of resolve is 1080p MP4. Rendering isnt that bad – it is only during editing where it gets glitchy.

    As I mentioned in my other reply…I will stop doing fast forwards as that seems to be the worst offender and keep on googling for more tips and tricks to make resolve more efficient.

    Thanks again and stay safe!

  • Tod Hopkins

    May 17, 2020 at 5:28 pm

    From one Dad to another, it sounds like you are doing a great job! Good luck to you and your boys.


    Tod Hopkins
    Hillmann & Carr Inc.
    Washington, DC

  • Prasad Narasimha

    May 17, 2020 at 7:07 pm

    For some reason, the thumbs up green icon doesnt seem to work…so thank you!

  • Prasad Narasimha

    May 18, 2020 at 1:29 pm simple question..feeling a bit embarassing ot ask this.

    so we have this how to make a pizza video all edited…its got some 80 cuts to it..totalling 5 mins. Now that we have trimmed and edited – we want to introduce titles, lower thirds..etc. now i am not sure what option my kid chose, but when I click on title and drag it in between two clips..ideally I would expect the right clip to move 5 seconds to the right and the text clip would take up those five secs…this logic should apply say if i want to introduce a new clip in between two clips….

    for some reason..whether in introduce a title clip or a new video clip inbetween two clips..the right hand parts are not moving few seconds to the right to accomodate this new clip. infact the title clip is overwriting say the first five seconds of the right hand clip…..

    i hope my question is not confusing…we tried insert clip..overwrite..clip..etc and nothing works…its almost that we have made our entire video into some kind of lock mode where its not permitting the right side clips to move..

    please help my kid out…he spent half a day editing the video…and now when the time has come to embellish the final product with titles and stuff..he is struggling. I obvious work around is select all the right hand clips and manually move it 5 seconds to the right and insert a title in the gap….it would have worked if i had 5-6 clips..he now has 70-80 clips and everytime selecting all of them and moving them to the right to create gaps isnt practical…

    help him out!!

  • Prasad Narasimha

    May 18, 2020 at 1:30 pm

    Sorry about the typos!

  • Glenn Sakatch

    May 18, 2020 at 2:00 pm

    There are other ways of doing it, so you may want to google “Insert edit”, but an easy way is to drag your clip to the record monitor window, and you should see a list pop up on the right hand side…drag the clip to “insert” and release the clip. This should shift your timeline down by the length of your title card.

    Be aware…depending on how your sound is laid out, you may shift audio that you don’t want to shift.
    (music for example, may insert a hole as well)

    For more in depth information, do a search for insert edits in Resolve, as there are more techniques to help with some of the issues that may arise.



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