Image source: Tribeca Film Festival, The Good Half starring Nick Jonas

Filmmakers choose Adobe Creative Cloud at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival

Today, Adobe is proud to announce that more than 30 films at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival chose Adobe Creative Cloud to tell their stories. Filmmakers regularly turn to Adobe’s creative tools, including Premiere ProFrame.ioAfter Effects, PhotoshopIllustrator and Substance 3D, to facilitate creative collaboration and make the editing process more efficient.

Notable films from this year’s Tribeca lineup, including The Good Half, The Line, Kiss the Future, and Blood for Dust, crafted their stories with Premiere Pro.

“There are so many different platforms editors can use, but Premiere Pro is really the gold standard in the editing world,” explained director, editor, producer, and cinematographer Andrew H. Brown of Between the Rains. “Our team all spoke different languages, so when editing, we needed to make sure we were able to communicate, which is why we chose Premiere Pro. It’s kind of a universal language.” also played a large role in the making of Tribeca Film Festival selections, with many inspiring storytellers choosing the industry-leading review and approvals platform to simplify remote collaboration.

“I’m truly obsessed with, and I find it very intuitive and easy to navigate,” said award-winning director, editor, and writer Julie Cohen of Every Body. “We put a cut of the full film on with multiple people weighing in using the notes feature. It’s a great way to keep track of pending issues and make sure we’re all talking about the same graphic or music cue.”

Image Source: Every Body editor Kelly Kendrick

The following 2023 Tribeca Film Festival films and TV series used Adobe Creative Cloud:

Tribeca Film Festival projects that were edited on Premiere Pro include:

  • All Up in the Biz edited by Jason Pollard & Alma Herrera-Pazmi
  • Between the Rains edited by Andrew H. Brown
  • Blood for Dust edited by Justin Oakey
  • Breaking the News edited by Jamie Boyle (also used
  • Cinnamon edited by Josh Porro
  • Every Body edited by Kelly Kendrick (also used and Photoshop)
  • For Khadija edited by Sofia Kerpan (also used
  • It’s Only Life After All edited by Alexandria Bombach
  • Hey Viktor! edited by Sarah Taylor (also used
  • Je’vida edited by Timo Peltola
  • Kiss the Future edited by Eric Burton (also used After Effects and
  • Minted edited by Gil Seltzer
  • Playland edited by Georden West and Russell Sheaffer
  • Ron Delsener Presents edited by Damian Rodriguez, James Codoyannis & Paul Greenhouse
  • Rule of Two Walls edited by David Gutnik
  • Songs About Fucking edited by Brad Turner and Chris Amos (also used After Effects,, and Illustrator)
  • The Good Half edited by Chris Donlon
  • The Graduates edited by Hannah Peterson (also used After Effects and
  • The Line edited by Ted Feldman
  • The Secret Art of Human Flight edited by H.P. Mendoza (also used Photoshop)
  • Waitress, the Musical – Live on Broadway! edited by David Tregoning (also used
  • Your Fat Friend edited by Alice Powell (also used After Effects)

Tribeca Film Festival projects that used include:

  • Cold Copy edited by Arndt-Wulf Peemöller
  • Eric LaRue edited by Mike Selemon
  • First Time Female Director edited by Jim Carretta
  • Golden Boy edited by Fernando Villena
  • Happy Clothes: A Film About Patricia Fields edited by Robert Tate (also used After Effects, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro for graphics)
  • Lost Soulz edited by Isaac Burns (also used After Effects, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro for captions)
  • Milli Vanilli edited by Patrick Berry (also used After Effects and Photoshop)
  • Perpetrator edited by Justin Krohn
  • Rather edited by Curtis McConnel and Joe Fenstermaker (also used After Effects)
  • Rise – the Siya Kolisi Story edited by Ebenhaezer Smal
Image Source: Waitress, The Musical – Live on Broadway! editor, David Tregoning

Just like the boundary-pushing artists at the Tribeca Film Festival, Adobe is continually working to revolutionize the way movies are made.

We recently announced powerful, industry-first innovations designed to address the needs of a modern editor. With recent AI innovations in Premiere Pro such as Text-Based Editing and Auto Tone Mapping, independent filmmakers – especially those working on small teams with limited resources – can save precious hours on tedious tasks and spend more time being creative. We also unveiled our vision for bringing generative AI to Creative Cloud video tools with Adobe Firefly, our family of creative generative AI models. Firefly is the most differentiated generative AI service on the market trained on a unique dataset that includes Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content, and other public domain content without copyright restrictions. As we continue to incorporate Firefly into our tools, including Premiere Pro, filmmakers will soon be able to work and edit at the speed of their imagination.

These innovations come on the heels of several major milestones for Adobe customers and team. In March 2023, the inspiring filmmakers behind Premiere Pro-edited film Everything Everywhere All at Once took home seven Oscars, including Best Film Editing. In February 2023, the Academy of Motion Picture Sciences recognized four Adobe pioneers for their work on Substance 3D tools, which has transformed the craft of visual effects and animation.

Film festivals like Tribeca are integral launching pads for new voices and stories, and we can’t wait to be inspired by what’s to come from this year’s event. Congratulations to all the projects premiering this year!

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