Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial to expand text reveal by Andy Ford

Expand Text Reveal in Adobe After Effects

Here’s a quick tutorial for text reveal where your text layer will expand outward quickly. Start with a text layer and animate Position, Opacity, and Tracking.

Decrease the tracking to bring all the individuals letters together so they overlap. Under the Range Selector, set a keyframes for the Start percentage at 0% and then set a keyframe for 100% later on when you want the animation to be complete.

If you want the text to rise upward, lower your Y Position Value. And, if we want the opacity fade up like we had before, set the opacity to 0. Position and opacity will animate upward over the time set by your Start Range keyframe.

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But to make this animation even better, it would be good to have the middle go fast. So, let’s Easy Ease the Start keyframes. Then, go into the Graph Editor to look at the Speed Graph. This shows the velocity of this animation. To make the middle part quicken up, click on the point at the beginning of the speed graph. Then, drag the outward handle to the right. The warps the speed surve and makes more of a peak. Do the same with the end curve point, by dragging if to the left. This will leave you with a steep peaking curve. Now, play the animation and see how the beginning and end ramp up/down, but the middle happens quickly. This adds a nice pop of expansion/explosion to your text animation.

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