ELEMENTS Cloud Platform

ELEMENTS Cloud Platform, Media’s Hybrid-Storage Solution

Realize the advantages of both public and on-premise storage without being held hostage by storage pitfalls. The ELEMENTS Cloud Platform is a hybrid storage that connects to your favorite cloud service, while integrating seamlessly into editing applications.

The ELEMENTS Cloud Platform was recently announced at NAB 2022, boasting exciting new features that set it apart from other cloud platforms.

ELEMENTS Collaborate Globally

A Hybrid Approach

To combine public and on-premise storage, ELEMENTS took its easy to use interface and editor-friendly eco-system, and brought in cloud resources. With the Media Library asset management system being an intuitive way to visualize the content of high resolution assets, ELEMENTS has turned this into a collaboration tool that can be run not just in on-prem-storage but now the Media Library can also live in the cloud simultaneously. Simply make a cloud bucket available in the Media Library for teammates and editors to search for, and those team members can now collaborate, add comments, share assets of their own, and even do rough cuts based on content that is stored in the original user’s cloud.

Features Integrated into the ELEMENTS Cloud Platform

ELEMENTS previously developed Client tool helps to connect with the storage in Windows, Mac OS, and Linux in order to mount cloud storage locations on a local computer, similar to DropBox or Google Drive.

Next, ELEMENTS’ Automation Engine was developed with the capability to sync assets into cloud storage. This can be helpful in many areas, such as archive or nearline storage use cases, can save on the cost of on-prem storage, and has been a very secure way to preserve assets ad infinitum.

The New ELEMENTS Cloud Platform has added the capability to scan cloud buckets, create proxies of the assets in those cloud buckets for the Media Library, to add them to your database, search for media data on those assets, and then last but not least, also add cloud workspaces to the ELEMENTS Client.

A Cloud Above the Rest

Historically, the cloud was thought of as the realm of IT buffs, being more technical to set up and configure than some users were willing to deal with. Now ELEMENTS has added an intuitive way to up-lift all these complex aspects into a simpler, easy-to-use environment, and editors may interact with the cloud without wading through unnecessary details.

Since ELEMENTS provides access via their APIs, creating user accounts is not necessary. Users will not need to know what kind of application to use to mount the cloud to their computer, since simply clicking the icon makes will appear on the desktop as a normal network drive. Alternatively, the browser can be used to access the Media Library on a cloud bucket, without bothering with all the services in the cloud. All services that need to be configured in the cloud will be configured by the ELEMENTS Cloud Platform itself.

ELEMENTS Cloud Provider

A Simplified Workflow

For creatives and editors collaborating on a project, each in a distant location, ELEMENTS Cloud Platform will transfer the content from other locations to their personal workstation quickly, instead of having to upload back to the facility, thanks to the cloud provider’s fast network speeds.

Content can be ingested locally, in London for example, transferred via the cloud, and brought down from an end-point in Los Angeles. Or, the cloud can share the edit of the day when the creator drops it into the Media Library, sending it over to a producer for review, and the producer wouldn’t need anything other than an internet connection to access the material.

To learn more about ELEMENTS Cloud Platform’s advantages specifically for media and entertainment, please visit elements.tv.

ELEMENTS Decentralized


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