Production Crate God Rays plugin

Download Free Godrays Plugin for After Effects at ProductionCrate!

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This plugin comes packed with features. Simply drag and drop the Crate’s Godrays plugin onto your footage to see it in action. Godrays is brought to you by ProductionCrate. You probably know us best for our free video effects. We’re now making VFX tools to bring you even more creative power!

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  • Select your Threshold mode. We generally recommend leaving it on the default Luma mode, but you can also try Chroma for unique results.
  • Adjust the Threshold amount to select the visible range that the rays will emit from. Increase it to make sure the darker parts of your footage are not emitting any rays!
  • Threshold smoothness will make your light rays sharper or smoother.
  • Length controls the overall distance your light rays travel.
  • Exposure controls the overall brightness of your light rays.
  • Decay is a falloff control for your light rays, increase or decrease depending on the effect you want to achieve.
  • You can choose the direction of your light rays for various effects, like holograms or god-rays.
  • Pick from a variety of chromatic aberration settings to add unique colors to your light rays.
  • We have four different quality modes. While this plugin is extremely fast, you can speed it up by dropping it down to draft. If you need to increase the quality, try high or even extreme!
  • In the compositing settings you can change the blend mode from Screen to Add to make your light rays more powerful.
  • If you want to add additional effects to your light rays, we suggest changing the View setting from Final Composite to Rays Solo. You can then add a solid composite effect, change it to black and add any blurs, curves, levels or other effects. Make sure to change your Rays Solo layer to a Screen or Add blend mode!

How to Install the Plugin

Unzip the file

Windows: Move Plugin to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects\Support Files\Plug-ins
Mac: Move Plugin to Applications/Adobe After Effects/Plug-in

If you have any issues, email us directly


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