Documentaries for Germany’s Galileo Edited with DaVinci Resolve Studio

Blackmagic Design today announced that a selection of special programming, created for ProSieben’s long running Galileo brand, has been edited, graded, audio mixed and finished with DaVinci Resolve Studio.

Galileo has been running since 1998 and offers a range of documentaries and reports covering current affairs, history, politics, nature and technology developments. The series is renowned for its high quality production, scripting and content for terrestrial broadcast, and has also now a successful YouTube channel with more than three million subscribers.

Munich based production house, south&browse GmbH, has developed a wide range of documentary content for the series, most recently programs for the ‘Timefreeze’ strand focusing on events from modern day history, including John F Kennedy’s assassination and the Hindenburg disaster.

The post production team relies on DaVinci Resolve Studio at all stages, from acquisition through to final delivery.

“Owing to the subject matter, there is usually a wide mix of consumer and professional camera formats to handle, from intraframe based codecs through to high compression, and Resolve handles this mix really well,” begins Tim Heinrichs-Noll, technical director at south&browse. “We can also deinterlace older archive footage to a high standard, allowing us to incorporate into the mix of sources.”

The team has multiple editors working in a shared environment, accessing projects via south&browse’s Linux based database server. “Collaborating and shared access is flawless and having the option within Resolve to customize the data storage and database server to a very detailed level has been a huge advantage,” Tim explains.

The final audio mix for the documentaries was completed with DaVinci Resolve’s Fairlight page. “The integrated plugins work well and we use an external VST plugin in the master channel to meet EBU R128 specs,” Tim continues. “For some projects, we can have more than 20 audio tracks and Fairlight provides an intuitive and intelligent overview. Creating submix channels and being able to select them on the delivery page is a very useful tool for quickly creating multichannel cleanfeed files.”

south&browse will continue to produce content for the brand, with DaVinci Resolve at the heart of the post production workflow. “Galileo has a prestigious reputation in Germany as broadcasting detailed, accurate and insightful content, so it is imperative that our creative vision matches this editorial brief, no matter what challenges the source material may bring,” concludes Tim. “Our editors can work and collaborate on each project, meaning that we can work within time restraints and deliver high quality programming.”


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