Flanders Scientific Direct Connection Volumetric AutoCal

DM Series AutoCal Now Supports i1D3 Colorimeter

The DM170 and DM240 now support Direct Connection Volumetric AutoCal with the extremely affordable i1D3OEM colorimeter. Compatible i1D3 units can be purchased starting today at ShopFSI.com. Simply plug your compatible i1D3 directly into the monitor, select GaiaColor AutoCal from the monitor’s menu, then calibration for all selectable color space selections will be completed in approximately 15 minutes.

AutoCal for DM series monitors was introduced this past December and initially included support for many of the industry’s leading high-end colorimeters. These supported colorimeters all share an important capability in that they allow custom display specific matrices to be written to their flash memory. This hardware-based read/write capability allows a matrix to be created using a reference spectroradiometer for the specific display type in question and then saved directly to the probe’s memory. The monitor then accesses this custom matrix by name (e.g. DM240) to ensure highly accurate, display specific, readings during AutoCal.

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Since the introduction of AutoCal one of the questions FSI has been asked most is if AutoCal will be expanded to more affordable colorimeters like the xRite i1D3OEM? The key thing preventing integration of the i1D3 was not sharing the hardware-based ability to read/write matrix data directly to the probe to help ensure accurate readings for the display type in question during AutoCal. Today we are pleased to announce that in collaboration with xRite a new firmware build for the i1D3 OEM is available allowing up to 18 separate custom display matrices to be saved directly to the probe’s memory. This will now enable AutoCal compatibility with this amazingly affordable and capable measuring device.

Which xRite probes are compatible?

All xRite i1D3OEM colorimeters purchased from FSI starting today will be equipped with this new firmware build and appropriate display matrices.

Can my i1 be updated?

In collaboration with xRite, we have been authorized to update any i1D3OEM probes previously sold by FSI to this latest firmware version. This can only be done at our authorized locations in Atlanta, Lier (Belgium), and Shenzhen. If you did not purchase your i1D3OEM from FSI we will not be able to update your probe. When you send your probe in we will also store the appropriate matrices for your specific i1D3 using our spectroradiometers as reference. There is no charge for update and as with all other compatible probes no charge for display specific matrix creation, you only pay the shipping!

Will my probe still work with 3rd party software?

Yes, the firmware update and any matrices saved by FSI will have no impact on the normal functionality of the i1D3OEM. In fact, we do encourage you to use the probe with either CalMan or ColourSpace to validate your AutoCal results when complete. With that in mind, when ordering your probe or sending it in for update please specify what other software you may be using your probe with so we can make sure to provide you with copies of the matrix files to import into that software for use during validation as these programs use the software, not hardware, based implementation of custom matrices for the i1D3.

Which monitors are compatible?

All DM170 and DM240 running firmware version 2.0.00-2313 and later will support direct connection of the i1D3 OEM colorimeter. Firmware updates can be found here, i1D3 support on the DM250 will be released at a later date.


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