Digital Nirvana Media Services IQ

Digital Nirvana Showcases AI-Driven Solutions for Content Creation

At the 2023 NAB Show, Digital Nirvana will demonstrate market-leading solutions that bring artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to content creation and postproduction workflows.

Digital Nirvana Products at the 2023 NAB Show

MediaServicesIQ™ Version 2

MediaServicesIQ is the gateway to Digital Nirvana’s technology stack — the bedrock of the company’s flagship media applications and custom metadata solutions. All of these solutions use advanced AI and ML capabilities to streamline media production, postproduction, and distribution workflows.

When Digital Nirvana first announced MediaServicesIQ, it was a collection of AI/ML microservices that media organizations could consume individually to meet specific requirements. MediaServicesIQ Version 2 has evolved into a multipurpose cognitive platform that integrates with all of Digital Nirvana’s other products and makes it possible not only to generate metadata but also to add generative AI capabilities on that metadata.

This enables organizations to make faster content production decisions, gives them better visibility into available content, makes it easier to retrieve accurate content from libraries, and accelerates content production.

News producers, editors, archive managers, and others in the broadcast, sports, and media and entertainment markets can go through MediaServicesIQ to access a full suite of AI and ML tools to enhance their media workflows — all in one place. These include the company’s speech-to-text, video intelligence, caption conformance, content classification, and other core capabilities.

Users access MediaServicesIQ via a portal, APIs, or any of Digital Nirvana’s products. They can share a live stream or an offline asset and receive various insights from the content (audio, video, text, images). Having a large set of cognitive services running in the background, with the ability to consume them via front-end applications, is an industry first.


TranceIQ is the next generation of Digital Nirvana’s SaaS application for transcription and captioning — with a name that better reflects the application’s continually evolving AI and ML capabilities. Like its predecessors, TranceIQ is a self-service SaaS application that automatically generates transcripts, closed captions/subtitles, and translations for content localization. Automatic transcription, NLP-based caption splits, and machine translation-based subtitling — coupled with new back-end architecture changes — make TranceIQ faster and easier to use for producing transcripts, closed captions, and multi-language subtitles. Not only does TranceIQ segment speakers in the transcription window, but it automatically detects every speaker change. Also, automatic synchronization and waveform-based text adjustment reduce manual effort at scale in the caption generation and subtitling process.

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Whole organizations and/or their individual users can now call upon TranceIQ functions individually to create an automatic transcript, review in the interface, and export as a document or a simple SRT file. Or they can use TranceIQ as a professional captioning and subtitling tool, which can access technologies that process files faster and more accurately. Organizations can grant specific users access to specific functions so they can process work items by going directly to whichever tool is specific to their use case.

Finally, because of more than 30 UX improvements, TranceIQ now gives users more control than with past versions of Trance. For example, users now have more visibility into different speakers and easy access to predefined sound cues. They can automatically change time-synced and split captions to a more engaging split by moving the spectrograph, and they can easily access caption-processing icons on the top array.


MetadataIQ from Digital Nirvana automates the generation of transcripts and video intelligence metadata, increasing the visibility into content within Avid PAM/MAM. In addition, users will now be able to use generative AI capabilities on the generated metadata for refined intelligence, increasing efficiency of content production, archive management, and content decision making for live news and sports. Digital Nirvana’s MetadataIQ applies advanced ML- and AI-based content analysis to accelerate the metadata generation process, as well as automate the transferring of video assets from Avid and ingesting the metadata as markers along with the assets — which saves manual effort on metadata generation and results in better-structured, more detailed, and more accurate metadata and shorter content delivery cycles. The scalable functions avoid the requirement to manually log various content elements.

MetadataIQ also integrates directly with Digital Nirvana’s TranceIQ platform to generate transcripts, captions, and translations in all industry-supported formats.

Hiren Hindocha, CEO of Digital Nirvana

“There has been a steep rise in the adoption of AI technologies to solve real-world problems, and our updated MediaServicesIQ toolbox gives customers an easy way to access such technology all in one place. At the same time, media companies need transcription and captioning tools that are advanced and evolved enough to keep up with the pace of content creation today. That was the impetus behind the changes to our TranceIQ application. We can’t wait for people to see this technology at NAB.”

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