before and after images of a woman who's appearance has been touched up by Digital Anarchy's Beauty Box plugin

Digital Anarchy Debuts Major Update to its AI-Driven Digital Makeup and Skin Retouching Tools at NAB 2024

Digital Anarchy Previews Newest Version of Beauty Box 6.0 with AI-powered teeth Whitening, Shine Removal and Enhanced Skin Tones for Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects, Avid and Resolve Editors

Digital Anarchy today announced it is returning to NAB 2024 in Las Vegas, NV this week to debut a demo version of Beauty Box 6.0, with new AI-based masks for digital makeup and skin retouching. Beauty Box 6.0 AI allows video editors to whiten teeth and limit shine removal to the facial area, creating a better-looking, more sophisticated image.

In their booth #SL7043 in the South Hall of the LVCC, the team from Digital Anarchy will be on hand to meet with customers, colleagues and the press to show the new capabilities of the impending release of Beauty Box 6.0 AI, with significant new capabilities most requested by Digital Anarchy customers, including:

  • Shine Removal: Current interactions of shine removal are very efficient, but it tends to grab all the highlights in an image and reduce shine throughout the frame, but not only on the face.  With Beauty Box 6.0 AI, an AI  face mask is automatically created and applied to prevent other areas from being affected by the shine removal settings, making it easy to apply the effect only on the subject’s face.
  • Teeth Whitening: A heavily requested feature by Digital Anarchy customers, Beauty Box AI can now create a teeth mask, allowing video editors to easily color-correct the teeth area. Currently, no tool on the market can efficiently mask teeth. Because the area is white, it is difficult to create a precise mask manually. With Beauty Box 6.0, a teeth mask is automatically created, and after applying the mask to the footage, video editors can choose the whitening amount and set the brightness they wish to apply. 

Beauty Box traditionally analyzes the frame for skin tones, builds an automatic mask based on those skin tones, and tracks those masks throughout the video, avoiding the need to go frame by frame to adjust the settings.

Beauty Box AI 6.0 will be available this Summer and is designed for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and After Effects artists. Details and pricing will be announced at that time.

NAB 2024 Show Sale and Special Offers

Digital Anarchy also announced it will be conducting a NAB 2024 Show Special, with discounted pricing across its entire product line, and special incentives for its award-winning Transcriptive, Transcriptive Rough Cutter, and Data StoryTeller applications. Details include: 

  • 20% off all Digital Anarchy plugins using the code: NAB2024
  • Free one-year access to with the purchase of Transcriptive Rough Cutter for Premiere Pro. gives editors the option to access the functionalities of the Premiere panel online.  With this NAB 2024 Show Special promotion,  the subscription fee for a Producer account is waived for one year. Producer accounts allow editors to share transcripts between Transcriptive for Premiere and, edit transcripts online, and export transcripts as plain text, rich text, captions, and subtitles. The free version of only allows transcribing and viewing, however for more information on a plan comparison table please visit:
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More information and details on Transcriptive’s industry-unique sharing capabilities and other features are highlighted in this short video

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