Flanders Scientific XM312U Monitor

Coming This Fall, The New XM312U

The XM312U is a 5,000nit capable HDR mastering monitor.

The XM312U is set to replace the award-winning XM310K as one of the world’s brightest commercially available professional reference displays. Bram Desmet, CEO of Flanders Scientific, shares that:

“…for HDR projects our industry is typically requesting either 1,000nit or 4,000nit deliverables from colorists. Up until now our 3,000nit capable XM310K was one of the few solutions available that allowed colorists to grade well over 1,000nits, but it still fell a bit short of that critical 4,000nit deliverable threshold. With the XM312U, we set out to address that limitation and deliver something to our clients that can take them to that 4,000nit goal and beyond, while also offering some key improvements to other performance benchmarks.

We are excited to see what our clients can do with the XM312U and what higher luminance mastering options will do for HDR content creation in the years to come.”

Moving HDR Forward

The XM312U is the next evolution of our HDR monitoring options and offers several key advantages over our outgoing XM310K, including:

Over 2,000nits brighter peak luminance

20% improvement in backlight zones to pixels ratio

Twice the panel static contrast ratio

These advancements combine for a truly unparalleled HDR viewing experience.

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