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Chyron’s 2024 NAB Show Booth to Spotlight Innovative News Graphics Solutions and Workflows

Chyron PRIME’s recently introduced Duplicate Effect makes the creation of large data displays quick and easy.

Demos to Showcase Chyron PRIME and CAMIO Advances, Cloud-Enabled Graphics Workflows, and Updates to AXIS, Chyron Weather, and NewsTicker

Chyron today announced that news graphics will be a headliner at the company’s 2024 NAB Show booth SL 2238. In addition to showcasing the robust capabilities of the Chyron PRIME platform for live production and the CAMIO MOS-driven newsroom graphics integration system, the company will highlight complete Chyron news graphics workflows — that may be on-prem, hybrid, and cloud-enabled — incorporating PRIME and CAMIO, as well as AXIS, Chyron Weather, PRIME Video Walls and VSAR (virtual sets).

“Both PRIME and CAMIO have undergone rapid development in the past few years, and we look forward to demonstrating the power of these solutions at the NAB Show,” said Carol Bettencourt, vice president of marketing at Chyron. “We’ll also be revealing features and capabilities currently in development, proactively seeking customer feedback in alignment with our ongoing focus on a truly customer-centric approach to producing the most efficient and reliable solutions for news production.”

Chyron’s PRIME platform allows users to create and animate stunning CG graphics, video walls, touchscreen graphics, and branding elements, all from within a single system. Key updates in PRIME 4.7, 4.8, and 4.9 releases over the past year will be evident in Chyron’s demo of the upcoming release of PRIME 4.10 at the 2024 NAB Show.

For PRIME, Chyron will showcase a playout workflow that further simplifies operation while enabling greater control over the types of data displayed in live-to-air graphics. Dynamic data functionality allows playout operators to control not only the display of real-time data in a graphic, but also to specify the data source and control actions that the data will trigger. To ensure a look and feel consistent with the broadcaster’s branding, the platform now allows designers to configure PRIME control panels to expose specific parameters, giving just the right amount of control and flexibility to playout operators.

Similar control is extended to journalists in the newsroom using the CAMIO LUCI interface to fulfill graphics templates. If the designer builds access into the control panels, the journalist fulfilling graphics templates within their newsroom system client interface can use dynamic data controls to select the data source that will populate the graphic that goes to air as well as adding text or images or selecting other parameters to control the appearance or behavior of the graphics. CAMIO also allows users to drive virtual sets, video walls, and weather from the news rundown along with CG graphics. Driving all this visual storytelling via the newsroom computer systems (NRCS) rundown delivers a highly efficient overall workflow. Notably, the most recent CAMIO release is qualified against the latest versions of all major NRCS.

Show attendees also will get a preview of PRIME 5.0, the graphics platform’s next major release, running in beta to give potential users the opportunity to evaluate ongoing development and provide feedback based on their requirements. While PRIME has long offered Adobe Photoshop and After Effects imports that may be edited within PRIME, PRIME 5.0 will allow designers even greater ease of import and more editing control within PRIME. Because PRIME 5.0 also will support a ProRes output, without the need for conversion, designers can both save time and eliminate the expense of storing multiple versions in multiple formats. An update to the PRIME Branding module, which allows for the downstream overlay of information such as emergency warnings, breaking news, or any other information over the regular broadcast content, will introduce SCTE ad insertion to automate the addition of advertising, and also to enable geographic targeting for advertising, offering broadcasters further opportunity for monetization of essential content.

Another show highlight will be Chyron’s AXIS visual asset order creation and management tool, which significantly improves the efficiency of news production by enabling journalists and news producers to order, track, or create images and illustrations themselves, in minutes rather than hours. Now running on AWS Cloud with freshly updated maps and charts, as well as integrations with leading image providers, NRCS, and NLEs, AXIS enables fast, scalable graphics creation for broadcast groups and stations of all sizes.

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Chyron Weather and NewsTicker round out Chyron’s enterprise news portfolio. Since its introduction at IBC 2023, Chyron Weather 2.0 has been attracting significant interest as a driver for viewership. It offers compatibility with both public and private data providers and data visualization tools that are intuitive for a novice user but also fully featured to meet the requirements of experienced meteorologists. NewsTicker, with more than 80% market share of election and other tickers, sets the industry standard for data management and integration, with some new modules showing at this NAB and more modules to come.

Finally, Chyron will offer interactive demos of the award-winning Chyron LIVE all-in-one cloud-based live production solution, which enables even small, non-technical news production teams to switch video sources such as cameras, feeds, or clips, as well as broadcast-grade graphical overlays, and to create clips from live video sources. With Chyron LIVE, journalists have the tools to cut to their own cameras, add in their own clips, and run their own show from an OTT news desk.

Presentations on the booth will include a panel discussion with experts from AWS, Diversified, and Chyron on live production in the cloud, a case study on Chyron Weather, as well as several other thought-leadership conversations. Chyron also will announce the Chyron PRIME Designer of the Year Award. Beyond the Chyron booth, attendees will find Chyron’s PRIME CG and CAMIO newsroom integration on Diversified’s Intelligent Orchestration display, booth W3943C, as part of an end-to-end cloud news-production workflow.

“We are very invested in the future of broadcast and how the cloud will enable that future,” added Bettencourt. “We’re proud that many of the enterprise solutions we’ll bring to the NAB Show are available on the AWS cloud, giving Chyron customers the flexibility to build the cloud-enabled workflows that best meet their technical and business needs.”

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