Canon Employees Compete in Paralympic Events

Two Canon employees have been selected to compete in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

Koji Tanaka from Nagahama Canon will compete with Team Japan in the Men’s Sitting Volleyball event. Sitting Volleyball players’ torsos–between buttocks and shoulders–must maintain contact with the floor when playing the ball.

Quote From Mr. Tanaka:

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to participate in the Sitting Volleyball event while the Paralympics are held here in my home country, and to be able to show everyone the excitement of the sport. Out of respect to my teammate who sadly passed away in June, I will wear his shoes, my memento of him, while I compete. I will also strive to live up to our team motto of “being worthy of the winner’s podium” and make people glad they watched us and cheered on our team. As the senior member of my team, I will play my best and conduct myself professionally. Please come cheer us on!”

Yukako Hata from Canon Marketing Japan, having met the requirements of the Japan Triathlon Union conditions for Team Japan selection for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Triathlon team, will compete in the Paratriathlon PTS2 division as a Japan representative.

Quote From Ms. Hata:

“After being diagnosed with bone cancer at age 13, I was forced to amputate my right leg from the femur, and so my student life was completely unrelated to sports. But at age 26, after I had become a working adult, I happened to come across a recruitment notice for a local swimming team and I thought I’d like to start swimming again like I used to as a child. So I called them and asked about joining. That was how I got became a competitive athlete. I continued working and joining and competitions, and in my second year, I was certified as a designated athlete by the Japanese Para-swimming Federation. Later, I switched to triathlons, and made my first Paralympic appearance at the Rio 2016 games, where I finished in 6th place–the highest of the Japanese competitors. With the 2020 Paralympics being held in my home country, I feel more motivated than ever to give my best performance and place even higher. Thank you for your support.”

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