Boris FX Silhouette

Boris FX Ships A Major New Version of Silhouette’s Award-Winning Roto, Paint, and Visual Effects Application

Silhouette 2022 is packed with 400+ effect nodes and now includes high-end compositing and finishing plugins Sapphire, Mocha Pro, and Particle Illusion.

The world’s top film and visual effects studios rely on Boris FX Silhouette to create stunning imagery, behind-the-scenes matte paintings, and invisible touch-ups. Artists have recently used Silhouette’s famous toolset on blockbuster titles, including DuneShang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and The Mandalorian. The 2022 release builds upon fifteen years of advanced rotoscoping and paint excellence with powerful compositing, tracking, and image processing tools, thanks to the inclusion of the post-production industry’s most popular visual effects plugins.

“Silhouette has evolved into a fully-featured node-based system with the addition of best-in-class Sapphire, Mocha Pro, and Particle Illusion plugins,” says Marco Paolini, product designer and winner of an Academy Award (Sci-Tech). “The 2022 release empowers compositors, rotoscope, and paint artists to crank out complex shots using similar tools, and often superior, to more costly solutions. With the ability to combine hundreds of stylized effects, realistic particle simulations, and the full Mocha Pro interface, it has never been a more exciting time for VFX artists.”

Silhouette 2022 is now available for purchase as a standalone application and a plugin for popular video host applications including Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Foundry Nuke, Blackmagic Fusion, Resolve, and Autodesk Flame.

Silhouette 2022 interface with integrated Sapphire, Mocha Pro, and Particle Illusion nodes

What’s New in Silhouette 2022

  • Sapphire: The Emmy Award-winning visual effects collection features over 270 effect nodes, thousands of presets, and Hollywood’s favorite lighting effects, lens flares, and glows. 
  • Mocha Pro: The Academy Award-winning planar motion tracking toolset brings advanced modules to Silhouette with organic PowerMesh tracking, object removal, and image stabilization. New data ports bridge native Silhouette nodes to the included Mocha Pro node for streamlined tracking and spline connections.
  • Particle Illusion: Create realistic particle animations with 3D emitters, fluid dynamics, and a massive preset library. Add environmental elements, including dust, smoke, fire, and explosions, or explore curated graphics such as HUDs and sci-fi elements.
  • Continuum (select effects): Useful image processing filters include magic sharp to fix blurry footage, beauty studio for skin retouching, and six dynamic blur filters optimized with fast GPU processing. 
  • InPaint:A new time-saving node that removes objects and creates clean plates without needing to paint manually. Perfect for quick wire removes, beauty work, and more.
  • Tracking & Roto Improvements: Includes a new surface tool to position and refine planar track inserts, node actions for sharing track and shape data between nodes, and DOD node with track cropping for improved render performance. 
  • PowerMesh Warp: Delivers a seamless “reverse warp stabilized” workflow to Silhouette’s paint and roto tools via Mocha Pro’s data port. The new PowerMesh Warp node is helpful for detailed painting on warped surfaces like skin or fabrics. 
  • Faster Speeds: Optimized native Apple M1 support.
  • Color Management: OpenColorIO v2 with GPU-rendering and improved ACES support.


Silhouette 2022 is available as an annual or monthly subscription, permanent license, or upgrade with support for macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. See webshop for full details.

Silhouette 2022 (Standalone + Multihost plugin)

The Silhouette standalone application + multihost plugin option includes integrated Sapphire, Mocha Pro, Particle Illusion, and select Continuum plugins. 

  • Single license: $1995
  • Upgrades start at $795
  • Annual subscription: $795
  • Monthly subscription: $150

Silhouette 2022 (Multihost plugin)

The multihost plugin option includes Mocha Pro but does not include Sapphire or Particle Illusion plugins.

  • Single license: $1095
  • Upgrade from previous version: $495
  • Annual subscription: $495
  • Monthly subscription: $100


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