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Blackbird launches core video technology licensing solution, ‘Powered by Blackbird’

The technology licensor, Blackbird, enables cloud native functionality and drives major efficiencies for video companies.

Blackbird plc, the technology licensor, developer and seller of the market-leading cloud native video editing platform, Blackbird, today launched its core technology licensing solution, ‘Powered by Blackbird’, to enable advanced cloud native functionality and drive major efficiencies for video companies. The news comes after the Company announced a 5-year technology licensing deal with a global broadcast company last month.

Blackbird plc provides unique, multi-patented cloud native video technology. Conceived around the notion of delivering the ultimate in video efficiency and designed specifically for the browser environment, Blackbird enables ground-breaking cloud video access and advanced content manipulation capabilities. Blackbird’s multi-faceted efficiencies include power and carbon reductions, cost and time savings, less hardware and bandwidth requirements and easy scalability.

By licensing the Company’s core video technology and being ‘Powered by Blackbird’, companies can build their own cloud native video platforms including frame accurate, renderless editing in a browser with bandwidth from just 2 Mb/s. Organizations can be ‘Powered by Blackbird’ to provide unparalleled access, navigation and management of video content, leapfrogging traditional application workflows.

‘Powered by Blackbird’ is the ideal path for traditional video companies migrating their on premise infrastructure to the cloud, video companies moving from CapEx to SaaS business models and forward-thinking video companies seeking efficiency, speed and improved user experiences.

Blackbird plc’s CEO, Ian McDonough, said: “This is a step change in the Blackbird story and the evolution of video in the cloud. The world increasingly needs efficient and workable technology as migration to the cloud accelerates and global video production skyrockets.

“Blackbird’s proven and patented technology enables advanced editing and manipulation in the cloud whilst reducing infrastructure costs by up to 75% versus traditional cloud based platforms. Vitally, as the planet moves to net zero carbon, Blackbird is able to operate at less than 10% of the carbon footprint of its competitors. Those companies who license ‘Powered by Blackbird’ will realise these efficiency savings, rapidly improve functionality, move to efficient cloud native workflows and reap the benefits of being truly SaaS.”

For more about ‘Powered by Blackbird’ visit www.blackbird.video/powered-by-blackbird/ or contact [email protected].


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