Media Central for Sports Delivered by Avid Media Production in the Cloud

Avid Delivers Media Production in the Cloud for TV News and Sports

MediaCentral subscription solution enables distributed broadcast and digital production teams to collaborate on their workflows from anywhere

With thousands of stories breaking daily all over the world, distributed TV news and sports production teams need a reliable, secure solution to bring their workflows to the cloud for anywhere, anytime access. Today Avid® (Nasdaq: AVID) makes that possible with its Avid Media Production in the Cloud solution. Based on the Avid production tools and platforms that content creation teams already rely on, Avid Media Production in the Cloud delivers the familiar experience of a broadcaster’s high-performance, on-premise workflows so distributed production teams can access assignments, assets and media to quickly deliver breaking news across all platforms, from on-air channels to web and social media.

With Media Production in the Cloud, teams can now leverage their existing MediaCentral® workflows, along with integrated Avid NEXIS® cloud storage and Avid’s MediaCentral | Stream™ IP ingest solution – all from the cloud. The combination of these tools enables journalists in the field to quickly access, edit and publish content. Teams can use Avid’s MediaCentral | Collaborate™ and other iOS and browser apps to plan and contribute to stories remotely while tracking all aspects of story production.

MediaCentral’s openness gives editors the flexibility to choose Avid Media Composer® or Adobe Premiere Pro to start working immediately on material as it comes in for fast turnaround of stories that are ready to air and stream across broadcast and digital outlets.

“With today’s distributed workforce, broadcasters are increasingly using the cloud as a production platform to quickly produce content around the world,” Raul Alba, Avid’s Director of Solutions Marketing, Media and Cloud. “Avid’s Media Production in the Cloud workflows can be stood up right alongside organizations’ existing on-premise platforms. Using familiar tools and workflows, broadcasters are finally gaining entry to cloud production without committing to a forklift overhaul or the need for additional training.”

Learn what media organizations are gaining from going to the cloud with their workflows in the Avid e-book “How Content From Anywhere is Changing Broadcasting”, available now on


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