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Avenue One Productions Captures Artists at Boston Calling Music Festival with Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design today announced that Nick Gould, owner of Avenue One Productions, shot footage for multiple musical acts at the 2024 Boston Calling Music Festival with Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K digital film cameras. Located at Harvard Athletic Complex, Boston Calling Music Festival spanned three days and four stages and featured some of the best in live music, including Megan Thee Stallion, Hozier and The Killers.

Nick Gould, owner of Avenue One Productions

Gould is no stranger to Boston Calling, as well as additional local live music productions including GLD FSTVL and the Boston Music Awards. “In addition to the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, I also shoot with the URSA Mini Pro 12K. At larger festivals, it’s important to have a consistent image across all cameras, and using the URSA together with a couple of Pocket 6Ks enables us to match our images perfectly,” he said.

“When using the URSA Mini Pro 12K, I generally shoot in 8K, which provides a lot of flexibility in post for things like cropping in and color depth. Most of my clients are shocked to hear that my camera shoots in 12K, and it’s a huge plus and differentiator for me. Additionally, using Blackmagic RAW in post is always a seamless endeavor. The footage plays back like butter whether I’m working on a 2022 iMac or a 2015 MacBook,” Gould added.

According to Gould, these differentiators help provide him with a competitive edge. “I used a different brand of camera for a long time, but years ago when I started hiring out freelancers with Pocket Cinema Camera 6Ks, I was blown away by the color depth and overall image the camera produced,” he noted. “Instead of buying a Pocket, I upgraded to the URSA Mini Pro 12K to separate myself from the pack, since a lot of people were using Pocket 6Ks. Having the URSA Mini Pro 12K camera landed me a lot of opportunities on various projects, and I later purchased a Pocket 6K to use on a gimbal for event work and as a B camera to complement my URSA.”

“Blackmagic Design cameras provide me with a high quality image, along with the film like look that other cameras don’t offer. I get told by other creatives that my videos and image quality have character,” Gould continued. “Especially in today’s world of social media, I see a lot of overly digitized images with super high contrast and that’s not something I want. I want my work to look like a film, even if it’s going on TikTok.”

Gould emphasized the importance of social media for his work, citing how his clients from corporate to music all include social media as part of their deliverables. “I’m getting asked to do strictly vertical content for a lot of my clients now, and the Pocket 6K has the perfect layout for vertical content with the recent updates to the UI,” he said.

With clients including a variety of Boston based musicians, such as Swooli, Mallcops and Zola Simone, one facet of Avenue One Productions focuses on music videos, concerts and tour footage, and local music festivals. In the other facet, Gould focuses on corporate and commercial work in the Boston, MA area with clients including Harvard University, Boston Children’s Hospital, Dunkin’, New Balance and more.

Because of the range of his clientele, every project has vastly different demands which is part of the reason why Gould loves video production. “It’s always a different day at the office,” he noted. “For example, a lot of my education focused projects are based around interviews and B roll footage whereas concerts, music videos and festivals provide a chance to be extra creative.”

“I started out in the film world by hanging out in a music studio as a photographer and eventually fell in love with video due to the longer process it took to create art. I always felt with photography, it was one photo and onto the next one. With video, it’s a much longer process to achieve the final result and with that comes a longer creative process, which I love. Blackmagic cameras truly support my creative process and give me an edge on the technology side, which helps me further my business and ultimately me as a creative,” Gould concluded.

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