Archiware P5 Application Server Archive screen

Archiware Announces S3 Object Archive at NAB Show 2023

Archiware GmbH, expert in data management software, presents the latest developments of its P5 data management platform at this year’s NAB Show. Highlights include the S3 Object Archive featured in the upcoming P5 version 7.2 and numerous partner integrations showcased at Archiware’s booth N3376.

Archiware’s P5 Archive module provides a long-term solution to move unused data to offline storage, with options for integration by third-party applications. The S3 Object Archive is an S3 interface for archiving with P5. It caters to data management solution partners and MAM/DAM/PAM vendors by enabling seamless integration of the P5 Archive module. Radically simple archiving of files is realized by using the S3 protocol. Therein, P5 Archive acts as an S3 server that archives files to disk, LTO/LTFS and/or to the cloud. This upcoming feature is platform-independent, with no additional licensing or integration costs.

Featured partner integrations at NAB 2023 include DataIntell, Seagate and MagStor. Proudly hosted by Archiware at booth N3376, DataIntell’s cutting-edge storage analytics achieve maximum transparency and cost-savings by locating redundant data to be archived using P5 Archive. The management of growing volumes of data is simplified by Seagate, whose wide range of specialized storage products will be exhibited at booth N1827. Supported by P5 Archive and B5 Backup, MagStor’s NanoPure extends LTO Drive and media life by cleaning, testing, and calibrating every new LTO cartridge before first use using a patent-pending process.

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A complete list of Archiware’s 29 hardware and software partners at the show is available in the NAB Partner Map.


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