Amber Navarrete Joins MAKE

Amber Navarrete joins MAKE’s Creative Team

Creative studio MAKE is pleased to welcome Amber Navarrete to their creative team. In her role as a Creative Editor, Navarrete will apply her talent for executing compelling stories through video and motion graphics practicing her unique artistic approach to editing.

“Everyone thrives in different areas. I’m a very visual person–this is where I thrive. I love being able to be artistic and express my creativity,” voices Navarrete. “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I’m a storyteller. I get to be the one to fit the puzzle pieces together.” 

Prior to joining MAKE’s team, Navarette was seen in editing bays around Minneapolis. Navarette got her ‘in’ at Colle+McVoy where she developed their first in-house editorial. From there she went on to work with agencies such as space150 and, most recently, VOLT Studios. “With such a brilliant editor, joyful individual, and excellent team player such as Amber on board, we are thrilled to take on even bolder live-action projects. She opens the door to more traditional live-action production along with our existing VFX approach to production,” says Executive Producer Oren Robashkin.

MAKE has mastered the pipeline of filming on green screen, designing, and animating complex live-action scenes, creating hyper-realistic and magical CGI environments. “No one can fit the crazy yet rewarding world of live-action better than Amber,“ adds Danny Robashkin, Creative Director and the founder. MAKE believes that the most rewarding work stems from a strong sense of teamwork, collaboration with clients, and a desire to make something fresh and compelling. “I have followed the work at MAKE for years and have always been blown away by it,” says Navarrete. “I’m so excited to join this team of talented artists. MAKE makes beautiful work, and I love to work on beautiful work.”


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