Alteon Final Cut Pro Workflow Extension officially joins Final Cut Pro ecosystem with new workflow extension

Now available on the App Store, lets users access media housed natively in the cloud for streamlined editing, commenting and collaborative review, an all-in-one hub for content creators, has officially joined Apple’s Final Cut Pro ecosystem with a new workflow extension that lets post-production creatives complete an end-to-end workflow—downloading files, syncing with remote collaborators, leaving comments for external review and uploading media—all within Final Cut Pro. The Alteon workflow extension is now included on the Final Cut Pro Ecosystem page and is currently available on the Mac App Store.

Users can launch the extension within Final Cut Pro to view media files housed in Alteon’s secure cloud storage platform. From there, they can download media files directly from Alteon into Final Cut Pro to start editing immediately. Users can also drag and drop libraries, events or individual clips into the Alteon panel to upload and sync data in the cloud while preserving folder structure. 

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Alteon co-founder Matt Cimaglia is currently on a five-city speaking tour across the United States with the FCP Global Summit, teaching Final Cut Pro users how Alteon’s workflow extension helps optimize the creative process. 

“Having worked professionally in the production industry for more than 20 years, I’ve seen firsthand how access to cutting-edge technology can make an enormous difference in the creative process, helping creators save hours of manual labor and delivering seamless results,” Cimaglia said. “We created Alteon to help democratize the creative industry, giving everyone access to world-class cloud-based tools once exclusive to major studios.”

Alteon is a comprehensive content-management system designed specifically for creative professionals. Users can upload large files, including professional RAW file formats, directly to Alteon’s secure, scalable cloud platform; from there, Alteon automatically generates proxy files of every asset. Project owners log into Alteon’s web app from anywhere, request uploads from anyone (even collaborators who aren’t Alteon members or Final Cut Pro users) and share files or folders with whomever they want, setting optional expiration dates and permissions. Creators and their collaborators can then review those files, leave time-stamped comments, download originals or proxies, or install Alteon’s workflow extension for Final Cut Pro to start editing faster. 

In the near future, Alteon will continue supporting and upgrading its workflow extension for Final Cut Pro, adding deeper integrations and more options for streaming, rendering and syncing keywords and comments.


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