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AJA Unveils BRIDGE LIVE v1.14

AJA Video Systems announced BRIDGE LIVE v1.14, a powerful new firmware update for AJA’s multi-channel UltraHD (UHD) and HD live video solution for remote production, contribution, collaboration, streaming, and delivery. The latest release includes optional perpetual JPEG XS I/O licenses available per HD channel or UltraHD channel/four channels of HD and streamlines user workflows with new customer-requested feature improvements that help automate workflow tasks.

AJA BRIDGE LIVE Input Configuration Pane

Whether facilitating remote production, two-way interviews, live event streaming, multi-cam backhaul, field contribution, confidence monitoring, collaborative production, or ABR ladder profiles, AJA’s turnkey solution BRIDGE LIVE supports a wide range of streaming and contribution codecs, including NDI, H.265, H.264, MPEG-2, JPEG 2000, and now JPEG XS. BRIDGE LIVE v1.14 introduces two new license options for JPEG XS I/O, including BRIDGE LIVE JPEG-XS01, which supports a single HD channel, and BRIDGE LIVE JPEG-XS04, which supports a single channel of UltraHD or four HD channels. 

AJA BRIDGE LIVE Output Configuration Pane

A new RTMP input with H.264 4:2:0 8-bit support is now available to users via the BRIDGE LIVE v.1.14 update, which also introduces support for ST2022-7 hitless redundancy via packet-by-packet comparison of RTP encapsulated traffic. This new feature enables the seamless reconstruction of a stream of RTP datagrams based on the transmission of multiple streams of identical content over potentially diverse paths. Rounding out the update, input auto-reconfiguration for video and audio formats ensures that incoming formats are automatically recognized and passed through to the output. The output setting then determines if the formats (i.e., frame size, bit rate, etc.) will remain the same or change (EG: frame size, bit rate, etc.). 

“Flexibility and simplicity are crucial in fast-paced live production and streaming environments, and BRIDGE LIVE puts professionals at ease with reliable, enterprise-level processing power to meet a range of demands. We’re committed to continuing to evolve the product with powerful new features and are excited to debut new JPEG XS licenses via BRIDGE LIVE v1.14 alongside a host of other new improvements inspired by customers that streamline workflows,” shared Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems.

Pricing and Availability
BRIDGE LIVE v1.14 will soon be available for existing users with an active maintenance agreement for download from AJA’s website. Customers without a maintenance agreement can access bug fixes within v1.14 but will not receive new feature access. BRIDGE LIVE is available through AJA’s worldwide reseller network starting at $15,999 US MSRP. Optional, perpetual BRIDGE LIVE JPEG-XS01 and BRIDGE LIVE JPEG-XS04 licenses can be purchased for $1,500 US MSRP per HD channel and $6,000 US MSRP per UltraHD/Four-channel HD respectively. AJA recommends the channel count per system matches SDI I/O. For more information, visit: www.aja.com/bridge-live.

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Developed in cooperation with streaming software expert ComprimatoAJA BRIDGE LIVE is a remote video production, contribution, collaboration, streaming, and delivery solution that ensures simultaneous, secure, and stable single-channel 4K or multi-channel HD live stream delivery over private networks or the public internet. It enables synchronous multi-channel transport, allowing users to take independent SDI source inputs, and maintain their synchronous relationship while transporting the content to end-point destinations. This functionality can occur between a pair of BRIDGE LIVEs for a synchronous end-to-end SDI workflow (SDI backhaul), or site-to-site SDI workflows. The device also features support for many codecs and transport protocols for high-quality, low-latency video streaming and conversions.

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