AJA Diskover Media Edition

AJA Releases AJA Diskover Media Edition v2.0 with New Telestream Plug-Ins

AJA Video Systems today unveiled AJA Diskover Media Edition v2.0, the first update for its data management software that allows media and entertainment professionals (M&E) to easily search, find, and analyze media assets and associated metadata from on-premises, remote, and cloud storage – aggregating associated metadata into a unified global index. Designed to help production, post, and VFX facilities across remote workflows, the update includes plug-ins for the Telestream GLIM remote media player and Vantagemedia processing platform, in addition to security enhancements. 

Telestream GLIM helps creative professionals quickly preview media files in high resolution with color accuracy via any web browser – without generating a proxy file. With direct access to and the ability to launch the player in AJA Diskover Media Edition, professionals can now easily view and validate files located on-premises or in cloud storage as indexed by Diskover Media Edition, as well as associated metadata. All files are shown with SCTE-35 markers, waveform view, and audio metering to ensure compliance standards on-the-fly, for any user, in any location. 

Access to Telestream’s powerful Vantage platform via AJA Diskover Media Edition v2.0 gives remote workers access to centralized tools for generating proxy files or transcoding media assets for delivery. Users can now select files and send them to an on-premises or cloud-based Telestream Vantage system to generate proxies or transcode the assets, regardless of user, file, or Vantage system location. Coupled with AJA Diskover Media Edition’s global index, the plug-in accelerates workflows by eliminating roundtripping between applications and streamlining file searches. 

These latest feature additions round out a robust data management and insights solution that provides read-only access to file metadata – safeguarding assets and streamlining file search. AJA Diskover Media Edition further simplifies the organization of assets from various sources, scanning all fragmented data and combining it into a global index. It also notifies users when files are available and where they’re located via Elasticsearch in the backend, which continuously indexes all storage volumes in parallel. Search tools and filters, as well as granular search on media specific attributes for more refined searches are also standout features, as is the software’s thumbnail/preview plug-in functionality, which helps users better locate and verify files.

“The lack of visibility and access to file locations and metadata remains a bottleneck for many modern production facilities, especially as the industry pivots to remote workflows, but AJA Diskover Media Edition, and this latest update, alleviate these stressors while adhering to strict security requirements. AJA Diskover Media Edition v2.0 notonly includes plug-ins for popular remote collaboration tools like Telestream GLIM and Vantage, but does so with added security,” shared AJA President Nick Rashby. “The update reflects direct user feedback, and we’re excited to get it into their hands.” 

Pricing and Availability
AJA Diskover Media Edition v2.0 is available as a free download today for AJA Diskover Media Edition users with active licenses. Detailed instructions for using Telestream GLIM and Vantage with Diskover are available here and here. AJA Diskover Media Edition is available for $11,995 US MSRP per license. To download the update, visit: www.aja.com/products/aja-diskover-media-edition

About AJA Diskover Media Edition
AJA Diskover Media Edition is a powerful and essential tool for M&E organizations in the remote work era and for navigating the explosion of data creation that is industry wide. Creative facilities are dealing with a mix of on-prem storage, cloud storage, long term archival storage, and everyone is working in different locations around the globe – yet the need for rapid access to data and media assets still exists. AJA Diskover Media Edition provides organizations with these abilities and much more. For more details, visit: www.aja.com/products/aja-diskover-media-edition.


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