AJA openGear FiDO 2t 12G and T 12G ST

AJA Debuts New openGear 12G-SDI to Fiber Converters

AJA Video Systems has bolstered its production-proven lineup of openGear®-compatible 12G-SDI to fiber conversion solutions with two new OG-FiDO 12G transmitters. The dual-channel OG-FiDO-2T-12G and single-channel OG-FiDO-T-12G-ST single-mode fiber transmitters support HDR video, feature industry-wide compatibility with all certified openGear products, and support Ross DashBoard Software for remote control and monitoring.

OG-FiDO-2T-12G is a dual-channel 12G-SDI to fiber transmitter, supporting the conversion of two independent channels of baseband 12G-SDI to LC fiber for simple transport of signals up to 10km. OG-FiDO-T-12G-ST supports single-channel 12G-SDI to fiber conversion, enabling the transport of a single 12G-SDI baseband signal over ST fiber for remote or long-distance workflows.

AJA OG-FiDO 12G cards offer unmatched flexibility and cost-efficiency for 12G-SDI to fiber conversion, enabling single-cable simplicity for long cable runs up to 10km. OG-FiDO-2T-12G and OG-FiDO-T-12G-ST are fully compatible with all certified openGear products, including AJA’s OG-X-FR 2RU rackframe with capacity for up to 20 slots per frame. Both OG-FiDO models are hot swappable, support HDR, and feature automatic input signal detection and reclocking. Support for Ross DashBoard on Windows®, macOS®, or Linux® offers convenient monitoring and control over a local network or remotely. 

“Simpler cabling and the ability to transport high-bandwidth signals over long distances are paramount in any live production environment today and AJA OG-FiDO 12G solutions enable both, while also ensuring the integrity of video feeds are maintained as they move throughout the production chain. We’ve recently expanded our openGear lineup with the introduction of OG-FiDO-2T-12G and OG-FiDO-T-12G-ST to further streamline the most demanding 12G-SDI production workflows,” stated Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems.

Pricing and Availability
OG-FiDO-2T-12G and OG-FiDO-T-12G-ST are now available through AJA’s global reseller network for $1,509 US MSRP and $1,029 US MSRP, respectively. For more information on AJA’s full lineup of openGear® solutions, visit: www.aja.com/family/opengear


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