Jason Levine

Adobe Live: Build Your Video Skills in Five Daily Challenges, Aug. 17-21

Editing video is a creative task – it’s how we turn a bunch of clips into some kind of story that people want to watch. But still, most tutorials skew towards the practical functions of the software, with less emphasis on the art of storytelling itself.

Obviously, understanding how to use the software has a tremendous impact on your ability to tell great stories, but I’m always interested in ways of presenting those skills from the perspective of creative work.

My colleague Jason Levine thinks about that, too, and he’ll be doing a Daily Creative Challenge August 17 through 21 focused on practical editing skills in a storytelling context. If you’re not familiar with the format, Adobe offers Daily Creative Challenges on a regular basis: attendees register for the event, download assets, watch the livestream, do the challenges, and join the discussion on Discord where they can ask questions and share their results.

Many of the Daily Creative Challenges have been in areas like design or photography disciplines, but earlier this year, Jason offered a series specifically on video skills. That series was very well attended and well received, and we’re going to another one.

“One of the really great things about this is the community that’s developed on the Premiere Pro DISCORD,” says Jason. “It’s been a really positive place. After each of the daily challenges I’d hop over to DISCORD and join the discussion. The energy was great, and it has stayed that way.”

The Daily Creative Challengeon August 17 – 21 will include five individual sessions, where attendees can practice editing tasks related to aspects of storytelling. After each session Jason will record short summaries and post them to DISCORD as an added resource.

“For this series I’m creating exercises that replicate common tasks for editors and social content, such as editing an intro or channel trailer, creating a social cutdown of a longer video, and how to give footage a stylized, retro look,” explains Jason. “We’re also doing a session on multi-cam editing, which is a great way to look at your storytelling and narrative flow, like when to cut to a different view to keep the video moving. I’ve created assets for each session which users can download before the sessions.”

In an uncertain time where it’s harder to meet others in person, the ability to tell and share stories is more important than ever. The Daily Creative Challenge offers an engaging way to level up your skills and a lively community of fellow editors to share the experience with.


DAY 1 Monday, August 17, 8:30am Pacific Time
Editing an Intro Video

Turn raw, unedited video into a clear story,scrubbing through clips in the Source monitor, adding markers, choosing selects, an assembling the story.

DAY 2 Tuesday, August 18, 8:30am Pacific Time
Enhancing Your Voice and Your Message with Music

Use the audio tools in Premiere Pro to improve the sound of your voice, use fades and cuts, add music, and discover a magic tool called Remix in Audition.

DAY 3: Wednesday, August 19, 8:30am Pacific Time
Repurpose Your Video for Social

Create a cutdown “teaser” of a your video from Day 1. Choose the parts of the story you want to highlight and use Auto Reframe to create a new version with a different aspect ratio.

DAY 4: Thursday, August 20, 8:30am Pacific Time
Crafting a Dynamic Story with Multicam Editing

Using four clips of a music performance with amulticam introduction, sync the clips and then experiment with switching camera angles and talking head footage to give your video narrative momentum.

Day 5: Friday, August 21, 8:30am Pacific Time
Create a Stylized, Retro Look of your Edited Story

Use color and stylized looks to change the mood and atmosphere of your video, including B&W, Mono, Classic Film Look and a scratchy VHS style. Learn how to use overlays with adjustment layers and Lumetri color.

The Daily Creative Challenge on video storytelling will run from August 17 through 21, 2020 on Adobe LiveRegister and download assets here


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