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Adobe Creative Cloud Video March Feature Release

Adobe has released new features and updates across Creative Cloud video and audio tools that enhance speed, flexibility and seamless collaboration so users can work faster and get more done.

Premiere Pro

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New Captions Workflow in Premiere Pro offers a comprehensive toolset for quickly adding, customizing and stylizing captions and subtitles. The Captions workflows will be further accelerated by Speech to Text features later this year.

Copy and Paste Audio Track Effects Racks in Premiere Pro: along with the option of copying individual audio effects, users can now copy and paste complete audio effects racks between audio tracks.

Timecode Support for Non-Standard Frame Rates

Added support to display and use any non-standard frame rate timecodes, such as 120fps, 240fps or VFR clips.

Timecode support for non-standard frame rates

Color Space and Gamma Changes

Color space and Gamma changes

The default working Color space and Gamma curve has been modified for all RED files.

Performance improvements

Performance improvements in H.264/HEVC encoding for TigerLake processors (11th generation Intel Core mobile processors).

After Effects

Real-time 3D Draft Preview in After Effects gives users immediate feedback on 3D designs in the Comp panel so they can make creative decisions faster and iterate on designs more easily.

3D Ground Plane in After Effects helps designers orient their designs in space, providing a horizon line, vanishing point, and grid with snapping for positioning and aligning objects with precision.

More Efficient Composition Toolbar in After Effects  is more logically organized and presents tools contextually, based on the current task.

Multi-Frame Rendering in After Effects (public Beta) provides up to 300% faster rendering when exporting compositions with multicore CPUs. Plus, a streamlined Render Queue now highlights the most important information to simplify the export process.

Media Replacement in Motion Graphics templates, enabling creators to step up their personal brand, add stand out visual style to their videos and use templates to provide dynamic visual treatments, all without having to know After Effects.

More accurate Content-Aware Fill in After Effects

Work with a wider range of video clips, including ones where lighting changes over time with the new Lighting Correction in Content-Aware Fill. This update to Content-Aware Fill removes objects that are moving through different lighting intensities. In the previous releases, Content-Aware Fill stays true to the reference frame and does not take into consideration lighting changes which can cause artifacts. When you enable lighting correction, you get results that look more realistic and do not contain distracting artifacts.

Color Space and Gamma Changes

The default working color space and Gamma curve has been modified for all RED files.

Note: All old projects continue to have the previous settings and are not impacted by this change. You can choose to change the colour space and Gamma space as per your requirements.

Premiere Rush March 2021 release (version 1.5.54)

24 new color filter presets in Premiere Rush (desktop and mobile) give users more creative options for adding visual impact to videos.

New Color Presets: You can now choose from a selection of new color presets in Premiere Rush to enhance your videos.

Apply color edits to all the clips in your video: You can now apply your color edits to all the clips in your video at once. With this feature, you can save time and make your video more cohesive in terms of color.

What’s new in Adobe Character Animator March 2021 release (version 4.0)

New robust project file format for newly created or Saved-As projects that’s faster and more compact as well as being more resilient to power loss and file-syncing conflicts.

New example puppet: Hopscotch the Frog is a new example puppet in the Home screen with posable limbs. Drag near his neck to make him squat. Try out the different triggers or make him hop away.

New robust project file format: Your newly created or Saved-As projects will now be saved in a faster and more compact format that is more resilient to power loss and file-syncing conflicts.

Timeline snapping options, Snap to Frames and Snap to Objects let you control snapping to frame boundaries and other objects in the timeline.

The Timeline menu options, Snap to Frames and Snap to Objects, let you control snapping to frame boundaries and other objects in the timeline.

Pin Feet When Standing option now defaults on.

Pin Feet When Standing, the parameter that lets you pin the character’s feet to the ground when not walking is now set to on by default. Use this parameter when you have a single left or right view that is sometimes walking and sometimes standing.

Adobe Audition

Insert Recording mode in Audition allows users to punch-in new recordings anywhere in an audio file, rippling existing audio forward, without having to manually cut-in a separate audio segment.

Adobe Stock

Stock Motion Graphics templates: Dozens of new Motion Graphics templates with Media Replacement are now available on Adobe Stock. Motion Graphics templates with Media Replacements make it easy for Premiere Pro user to incorporate their own video or graphics, such as logos.


Expanded format support now includes the ability to import ARRI Alexa Mini footage in Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Media Encoder.

Equitable Language: To better reflect core Adobe values of diversity and inclusion, we will be replacing non-inclusive language and reference imagery in Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition.

These changes were implemented in the October 2020 release of After Effects. Equitable Language changes are included in the latest public Betas of Premiere Pro and Audition and will be available in the release versions later in 2021.

Terminology changes in Premiere Pro

Included in the latest public Beta and will be available in the release version later in 2021

Apart from equitable language changes, the Lumetri Presets reference imagery will now have new reference imagery (including the option to use a thumbnail of the current clip) in the Effects panel. You can use these presets to adjust the colors in individual video clips or whole sequences.

Public Beta: We encourage users to try, and provide feedback on, Multi-Frame Rendering in After Effects and other new features, currently in public Beta.

Rollover to 2021 versions for Premiere Pro & After Effects: With the completion of work on underlying cross-application functionalities for graphics, we are now transitioning to new 2021 release versions.

Cloud-driven collaboration and remote work: The last year has shown that teams need to work efficiently regardless of their location. Premiere Pro and After Effects use the cloud to enable remote collaboration – like Creative Cloud Libraries for organizing and sharing branded assets and Team Projects, which give editors and motion graphics artists a common project file format for secure collaboration.


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