Accusonus ERA Bundle

Accusonus unveils major updates to its flagship applications, including ERA Bundle, SFX Cellar and Voice Changer

Accusonus announces the biggest update of 2021 to all its flagship applications, including ERA Bundle, SFX Cellar and Voice Changer.

The ERA Bundle is an audio cleanup solution for video creators. With over a dozen single-dial plugins, the suite tackles specific sound problems, with the capacity to also optimize any audio track. These plugins work in all typical editing software, such as Premiere Pro and Final Cut, with a focus on accessibility.

The new product versions unveil significant innovations both on technology and user experience, allowing for even faster content creation. Here are some highlights:

  • The new ERA Bundle 6 has a revamped ERA Audio Clean-Up Assistant. The Assistant now listens to your voice tracks, analyzes their audio content and automatically suggests an audio optimization plugin chain. The new Assistant suggestions are the perfect starting point for those who want to enhance their audio better and faster.
  • A new ERA De-Breath plugin is added to the ERA 6 Bundle. The plugin automatically detects and removes loud breaths. This allows users to fix voice over inconsistencies, making the voice tracks sound even more natural.
  • SFX Cellar receives its biggest overhaul to date.
  • Users can now favorite tracks. From shortlisting potential sounds to saving tracks for future use, a personalized library of favorites is now possible. It also makes SFX Cellar easier to use on mobile devices.
  • An exclusive functionality is introduced with the “Find Similar” button. This new feature builds upon the accusonus Machine Learning expertise and allows users to create clusters of similar sounds from any sound effect. This makes sound navigation fast, fun and intuitive.
  • A new A.I.-powered search engine allows users to find their sound faster than ever before.
  • Accusonus also adds thousands of new sound effects and the library now features new comprehensive categories, better tags and additional metadata for faster browsing.
  • Last but not least, the redesigned User Interface is faster and further enhances the user experience.
  • Accusonus also adds a new effects pack to the Voice Changer. The new Intercoms Pack adds a wide range of presets and voice profiles that can radically transform any voice track. From a smartwatch to a doorbell intercom and from a space station to a jet cockpit, any kind of intercoms’ effect is available and easily tunable.
  • All the accusonus products (including ERA Bundle and Voice Changer) are now M1 compatible, allowing for even faster performance on new Macs.
  • In addition the new release introduces a wide range of performance improvements across product lines, many bug fixes, new tracks for Music Cellar, new presets for the Clean-Up Assistant and many more. The biggest accusonus update for 2021 sets a new standard for audio content creation!
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Pricing and Availability

Accusonus introduces the new All Access Suite that replaces the Creator Suite and the Post Production Suite. The All Access Suite currently contains the following products: ERA Bundle Pro, Voice Changer, SFX Cellar Premium and Music Cellar (Beta).

In the future, all new products that accusonus will release will be added to the All Access Suite at no additional cost for existing customers. The following table presents that new prices for all accusonus plans:

ERA Bundle 6 Overview Video

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