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  • Sandeep Sajeev

    June 1, 2012 at 4:36 pm in reply to: Batch Rename and Relinking Media

    This seems like the way to go. Will try it over the weekend.

    Thanks for all your help Jeremy.

  • Sandeep Sajeev

    June 1, 2012 at 4:01 pm in reply to: No Thumbnail Preview for 7D footage

    Hi Nick,

    Do the files open in Quicktime?


  • Sandeep Sajeev

    June 1, 2012 at 3:57 pm in reply to: Working a mixed media project FCP7

    Hi Mike,

    How are you planning to finish the film? Are you going out to Resolve/Color and then back to Final Cut? Or will you finish in something like Smoke?

    Also, I’ve found that Still Images can really affect performance. One way I deal with this is to have separate Projects for separate things as opposed to having one large bloated Project with everything.

    For instance, I’ll do all my Stills Animations in one Project or in After Effects, and then import a rendered Quicktime into my main Edit Project.

    It’s important to keep your Projects as streamlined as possible. Export out various versions. I also export out XML at the end of every Edit Day on Projects like this.


  • Sandeep Sajeev

    June 1, 2012 at 2:08 pm in reply to: Batch Rename and Relinking Media

    Just saw your post Jeremy.

    We use Grinder strictly to add Timecode. We use Streamclip to Transcode as we find it’s quicker and more stable when dealing with large amounts of data.

    We don’t use the H264 files in the edit at all. This is where I misled you in the first post. We use the ProRes files in the edit. Once the film is delivered, we keep the ProRes files on our drives for 3 months, and then they’re deleted. The H264 files are always available however and are treated as Camera Masters.

    So when we need to, we reTranscode from the H264 files.


  • Sandeep Sajeev

    June 1, 2012 at 2:00 pm in reply to: Batch Rename and Relinking Media

    Thanks Tony. Appreciate you taking the time to run this test. Not sure if you changed the name of the clip in the Event Library though?

    I just ran a similar test.

    – Imported some .mov files.
    – Changed the name of one of them.
    – Reveal in Finder shows a reference file in the Final Cut Events/EventName/Original Media. This reference file is the same name as on the external drive that has the actual mov files.
    – Quit FCPX.
    – Moved the renamed file one folder up to simulate a Delete Operation.
    – Restarted FCPX.
    – File still shows up as Online!
    – Went ahead and clicked on Relink Event Files anyway.
    – Here the file shows up as missing.
    – Clicked Locate, and the path points back accurately to the original folder and indicated the original filename.

    So it does seem to keep the relationship active. In FCP7 I would have got the dreaded ” “.

    Not sure why it didn’t show the file as offline in the Event Library though. I could skim through it etc no problem. I did have Proxies unchecked when I set up the Event.

    Will run some more tests to get a handle on Media Management in FCPX.

  • Thanks Jeremy.

    Have replied to this on the other thread.


  • Sandeep Sajeev

    June 1, 2012 at 12:19 pm in reply to: Batch Rename and Relinking Media

    Thanks Jeremy. I think I inadvertently misled you about the H264, ProRes files.

    MPEG Streamclip is part of our DSLR workflow –

    – add Timecode in Grinder,
    – Batch Rename
    – Transcode to ProRes, and then Import.

    What I meant was I edit the name of the file in the Event Library, the film goes out to the client, and six months later they want another edit, so we then Transcode the relevant material again from the Rushes.

    I know that in earlier versions changing the Clip Name in the Browser was a recipe for disaster in terms of Relinking Media.

    As with your testing, the quick Batch Rename test that I ran in FCPX also pointed to the Original Unmodified ProRes file in the Finder. So it does seem to keep that relationship. If this is consistent behaviour, then it’s absolutely fantastic.

    Are you using FCPX on your TVC edits? In client driven sessions? I’m not too worried about the material once it’s in the Timeline, I do like a lot of what I see in terms of functionality, but am trying to wrap my head around the Project Management side of X.

  • Jeremy,

    Does a Batch Rename in the Event Library maintain the correct relationship to the source footage further down the line?

    For instance, say the H.264 Camera Source clip is A001_C001_123456.MOV.

    -I run it through MPEG Streamclip and end up with a ProRes file.

    -During the edit, I modify the clip name to ‘Pack Shot Track In

    -6 Months later, after I’ve deleted the ProRes footage and the client requests a change, will the Event Library point back to the original clip, ie A001_C001_123456.MOV ?


    PS: I haven’t worked with FCPX, but am considering using it on a beauty spot next month so am working my way through the forums 🙂

  • Thank you Conor!

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