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  • New Workstation needed – need advice from the community!

     Sascha Engel updated 1 month ago 6 Members · 17 Posts
  • Sascha Engel

    August 3, 2021 at 3:12 pm

    Dear COW members,

    My workstation is now almost 8 years old – a trusty Hackintosh (i7) with a NVIDIA GPU is getting slowly EOL.
    Since it runs with NVIDIA, I am still on 10.13.6. and therefor cannot upgrade to DVR 17.

    I actually would love another Hackintosh, since I work with MAC since more than 20 years and feeling way too old to switch over to PC.
    But I am well aware of the fact, that staying in the MAC universe, my only option is a RADEON 6900XT GPU – which is inferior to the NVIDIA 3090. Also the i9 processor will be obviously weaker than the Ryzen Threadripper I could run on a PC.

    My question: Anybody had a side by side experience? How big is the difference in daily life working with DVR? I am absolutely willing to accept a slight difference, if it allows me to stay in my known environment.
    Or is the difference really day and night?
    I only worked with NVIDIA so far in my life, so I have no idea, what to expect with the AMD RADEON 6900XT on DVR.

    Thanx for any shared wisdom in advance!


    Sascha Engel

  • Alex Gat

    August 3, 2021 at 4:10 pm


    Why did you pick the RADEON 6900XT GPU ?

    The AMD 5700XT have better performances.
    As for the CPU, DVR and all other video softwares rely much more on the GPU than on the CPU so I am not sure you’d feel any difference there.

    I work on both Mac and PC and have never really felt any differences that would make me swap from one OS to the other.
    The real question would be to find a GPU that is note overpriced if you manage to get hold on some. Unless you have an unlimited budget.


  • Michael Gissing

    August 4, 2021 at 1:58 am

    Give me PC over Hackintosh any day. Having used Mac, Win and Linux over the past 20 years for Resolve I have chosen Win to run Resolve. I never let the machine go online except for the odd license of software and a particular upgrade of the OS. I don’t consider the Mac OS a reason to run a Hack

    I have switched to Ryzen Threadripper (24 core) and also want to stay with NVIDIA which also helps me decide the hardware is more important than the OS to me.

  • Oliver Peters

    August 4, 2021 at 1:48 pm

    I would personally stay away from any of these science projects, including Hackintoshes, home-brew custom PCs, Linux, etc.

    If you are a serious Resolve-based business, making a living out of grading day in and day out, stick with either a Mac Pro (if you want Mac) or a reputable PC (Dell, HP, Puget). Yes, it will be expensive, but you are planning for longevity and want a robust machine.

    If you are a light user – editing plus grading, short render requirements, mix of apps – then the last run of Intel 27″ iMacs (fully loaded) are also cost-effective for a Mac. Or do both. Get a high-end PC for serious work and a Mac M1 mini to supplement when you need to do something that’s purely Mac-based, like use FCP.

    I would also avoid Nvidia GPUs these days. Apple has written them off, plus the supply chain is too affected by the bitcoin-mining idiots. Not to mention, Nvidia has other interests these days than the M&E space, like supporting the UI for automobiles.

  • Alex Gat

    August 7, 2021 at 3:02 pm

    With all due respect Oliver, your point of view is not new and is based on… nothing.

    I have been in the business of audio and video production since 1991. I have worked on a lot of different platforms with a lot of different workflows and for many different projects of all size. I am not making an argument of authority here but I even worked not too long ago on a big budget nextflix series which set required live edit/grading capable machines and guess what? They used hackintoshs!

    Back during the move between analog and digital studios, I was claiming exactly what you are claiming now. It felt reassuring but I can relate of many anecdotes where every software and hardware used in the workflow were legit and “high-end”. Everything set and calibrated by the book. Still we had so many problems that the only solution the hotline guys had to give us was to change all the machines and reinstall everything.

    To the opposite I did some heavy production with experimental machines, hackintosh or custom PC without a problem and under extreme conditions.

    Paying for a “high-end” or well known brand computer does not mean you are not going to be bothered. It never does.

    The real question is whether you have a plan B or you know how to react when shit happens. Do you work with a workflow that encompass all kind of scenario. Can you move your work from on machine to another, is your work well backed up and copied. etc.

  • Glenn Sakatch

    August 7, 2021 at 3:54 pm

    these questions always turn into a debate about pc vs mac or hackintosh.

    It was a simple question…does anyone have experience with the equipment he is asking about.

    If Sasha has been using a Hackintosh for 8 years, i’m sure he is well aware of the downfalls, and the upsides, as well as the tweaking that is needed to maintain one.

    Sasha, for what it is worth, i built a Hackintosh about a year and a half ago. i9 with a Radeon VII

    Z390 motherboard…everything spec’d at the time to be usable in a Hackintosh situation. For those who say why not try this or that…when going for a hackintosh, there are some rules you have to follow for the equipment to work properly. You can’t just choose anything you want.

    Anyway, back to the box. It worked fine for me for about a year. Full disclosure, i use both Macs and windows boxes, and would do most of my work in that box while booted into windows, but i needed (at the time) a box to render out of Avid and Resolve to Prores files.

    Did i notice slower renders when switching over to Mac and hitting the render button? No, but i’m not one of those that gets terribly concerned about my box rendering at 2 percent faster than another box. I get quite amused at all the testing that people do for render times. I come from the old tape days…if i can output my show at anything above real time…im totally happy. When I see 3 or 4 times real time…i’m very happy. Couldn’t care less if i could gain a bit of a speed boost somewhere along the line. I’m probably drinking a coffee anyway.

    Anyway, back to the box. It worked fine, but I couldn’t get it updated to Catalina. I’m not a hackintosh expert, and i didn’t have the time to sit and fight with all the repositories to figure it out. Plus Avid finally came out with the Prores export option. In the end, it wasn’t worth it to me to try to maintain it, but as far as performance goes, that equipment worked fine on a mac, and i still use it today as a PC, and have no complaints.

    Again, i used a i9 9900, Radeon VII 64 gigs ram. The z390 (designaire?) I chose has thunderbolt 3 integrated, which works both mac and Pc, so no issues there.

    My original Hackintosh performed the same as my pc, i just couldn’t maintain it properly with all the updates.


  • Eric Santiago

    August 9, 2021 at 1:00 pm

    Not a lot of us here have the resources as say a “Netflix” driven post house.

    If you do have all that, I highly doubt you’d be here hanging with us fun folks 😉

  • Sascha Engel

    August 23, 2021 at 11:23 am

    Hi Al,

    Thanx for the answer. Really? The 5700 XT has a better performance than the 6800 and 6900XT?
    Most tests, I could look into, claimed differently.



  • Sascha Engel

    August 23, 2021 at 11:27 am

    Hallo Michael.

    Ja, macht Sinn.
    But I work also in many other Apps and every time I worked on PC it was such a nightmare.
    I do not get along with this OS at all.
    Plus, if there is an issue and I am under pressure/deadline, I am able to find a solution to any problem on a MAC in 99% of the times…. but on PC, I will be Stevie Wonder working as Interior Designer – a disaster.



  • Sascha Engel

    August 23, 2021 at 11:29 am

    I beg to differ: Our Studio works since 8 years with Hackintosh System for DaVinci and AE – including on bigger commercials and Cinema Films.
    Reliable and rock steady. Some issues yes, but not more than the real MACs in our studio.
    Always depends how and who build the HacMac.



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