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Sequin Adds SaaS Executive Bryan Breckenridge to its Board of Directors, as Company Launches New SaaS Metaverse Solution: Sequin.App

Sequin has announced that Bryan Breckenridge, Head of Impact for Snyk, has been elected to the company’s Board of Directors. Concurrently, Sequin has launched a new Saas Metaverse solution called: Sequin.App

Sequin’s professional services team leverages gaming engine technology – specifically the Unreal Engine – to change what’s possible within the entertainment industry in delivering virtual production and augmented reality experiences. Sequin has worked on projects with Madonna, Mariah Carey, Snoop Dogg and Ariana Grande, and most recently worked on FOX TV’s “Alter Ego” avatar competition series. 

“I’m excited to help Sequin connect with SaaS industry leaders and build momentum in this exciting market segment,” Breckenridge said. “Empowering AR professionals to collaborate efficiently and cost effectively will be a key industry accelerator.”

Adds Robert DeFranco, Sequin Executive, “Bryan Breckenridge has a stellar track record of driving customer loyalty, sales, revenue and collaborative strategy in organizations, as well as championing social impact initiatives. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our business as we launch our Metaverse SaaS content solution Sequin.App. His success in leading SaaS teams and implementing strategies to deliver customer value are sure to guide us as we continue to grow the company.”

DeFranco, who has previously held positions at SaaS companies, continues: “Our plan has always been to transition Sequin to an SaaS company, applying what we have learned from our service engagements to our software development. We are excited about launching Sequin.App to help accelerate the adoption of the Unreal Engine. Everyone, without any training, can now use Unreal in 30-seconds or less.” 


Bryan Breckenridge has held positions at iconic Silicon Valley companies like, Linkedin, Box and Zillow, and is an advisor to Verb, Inc. He currently leads Snyk’s impact agenda generating social, environmental, and business returns for Snky’s stakeholders. The executive team at Sequin is excited to lean into Breckenridge’s expertise to help the company fulfill its positive social impact aspirations and potential.


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