With just a few minutes investment learning the “whats” and “whys” of our podcast network's interface, you will enjoy a much richer experience.

Our podcast network is built around a simple but powerful concept that underlies the design of the Creative COW Podcasts site interface. Let’s get started...

Color Funnel

The Creative COW Podcast System:


When we began building out the new Creative COW Podcast System, it didn't take long to realize that it would be confusing for many. This, as some podcasts would be ours and others would be deserving shows from around the net that we wanted to promote. We were sure that some users were going to be scratching their heads wondering what in Bessie's green pastures was going on. So we decided to use a strategy of "directive color" — color funnels, if you will — to help visitors easily compartmentalize what is going on in this new addition to Creative COW. We explain the strategy below and hope you will take a couple of minutes to read it.


When you visit the blue pages [See Image 1] of our podcast section, think of them as an extension of the Creative COW working to guide you to the information you seek -- whether it be the COW's own podcasts, or the podcasts we are featuring as the "Best of the Web." Blue pages are guides and they help point you to content in both of the sections below. On the blue pages you will find a mix of what's being featured in both the green and brown sections of the podcast site. You might also think of the blue pages as filters or road signs as you travel through the podcast site.

The Podcast Home Page: Image 1


Think of the green pages [See Image 2] as the Creative COW's own pasture, it is where you will find our branded podcasts. (Please don't tell Bessie that we used the word "branded" here. We'd appreciate it.) When you are in the green pages, you are visiting our work.

The blue pages will be the guide that points you to things you will find here in the green section, such as our brand new 13-episode "Adobe Photoshop For Photos & Video 2019," which you will find in the green section of our podcasts site.

The Creative COW Podcast Page: Image 2


The brown pages [See Image 3] are new and highlight what we think are some of the "Best of the Web" podcasts from around the net — great podcasts and independent productions that we or our members think should merit your attention. You will also be able to suggest and vote for your own favorites.

The blue pages will guide you to great online content such as the German-produced "Kurzgesagt" show we showcased as our August "Best of the Web" honoree. It is less a shoot-out than a way to recognize great work. Some months we'll have more than one honoree. Who are some of your favorites? We'd love to see your suggestions.

The “BEST OF THE WEB” Podcast Page: Image 3


You will find both the CREATIVE COW PODCAST (green), as well as the “BEST OF THE WEB” (brown) podcast honorees, being promoted together on the blue gateway pages.  Blue pages point you to the content you are seeking.  Green pages showcase our own Creative COW Podcasts.  Brown pages honor exemplary content discoveries found on the web that is created by others.  We hope the colors help you compartmentalize and more easily navigate the Creative COW Podcast System.  Thank you for being a part of the COW.

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