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We would like to hear from you regarding your favorite podcasts. Once a month we will tally up the voting activity and we’ll invite some of the leaders in Creative COW to help us sift through your suggestions and we will pick that month’s honoree. Our members will make up one-third of the vote, the admin team of Creative COW will make up one-third of the vote, and our forum leaders and/or authors/producers/etc., will make up the final third of the vote. Together we will search to find THE BEST OF THE WEB. Along the way, we will uncover some great podcasts and indie series that are real gems in their genres. To help jumpstart this new addition to Creative COW, we have picked one of our favorites that we’ve followed for over a year, now — the German-based KURZGESAGT podcast. We hope you will find it as interesting as we do. We do not want to choose the honorees and look forward to your thoughts and opinions, as well as those of our leadership team who we’ll tap for their input.

The rules are very simple, we are looking for great independent podcast or independent series productions in audio, video, or animation formats. Whether your vote is for your favorite video or animation podcast, or for your favorite audio podcast, we’d like to see and hear those that you think deserve recognition as the Best of the Web. Post them and we’ll let the COW community give feedback and point to their own favorites.

We do not wish any content that is deemed to be profane, vulgar, and/or pornographic, erotic, sexist, homophobic, disparaging of any ethnic or religious group, anything that is overtly political and divisive, Why? Because Creative COW has long been a resource to educators around the globe who teach teens and others in classroom settings where such content would be deemed inappropriate for a classroom setting. These are also long-standing tenets of the Creative COW community itself. We seek to be inclusive, apolitical, and to avoid bullying and meanness in all its flavors.

Once a month, or sooner if the traffic levels mandate a more immediate consideration due to volume, we’ll invite some of the COW leaders and other industry professionals to help us sift through that month’s entries and pick that cycle’s honoree. There can be more than one in a month and we are not calling our honoree’s “winners,” as this is not a contest, per se, but a search for the Best of the Web. We wish to honor exemplary work and great storytelling. It is on that basis that we will select our honorees.

Entries can be made again in following months for podcasts that did not get recognized but once a podcast has been honored as one of the Best of the Web, we would ask that you no longer post that podcast. Why? Because we want this to be a discovery process, one in which we help each other to uncover creative and original works that merit attention.

We hope you will enjoy this new addition to Creative COW and we look forward to hearing and seeing your own favorites.


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