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Hiltron Announces HMAM-Ka-Rx and Super-HMAM-Ka-Rx Ka-Band Satellite Communications Receive-Antennas

Hiltron Communications, a globally active satellite system integrator, manufacturer and distributor, announces two new additions to its range of satellite communications solutions. The HMAM-Ka-Rx and Super-HMAM-Ka-Rx satellite communications receive-antennas allow fast switchover between linear and circular polarisation.

“Reconfiguring a satellite antenna from circular to linear polarisation normally requires the feed system to be changed manually,” says Hiltron Managing Director Antonio Monteverde. “In this new design we have developed a fully motorised switchover unit for the polarisation axis, controlled by the Hiltron ACU. It allows the whole process to be completed quickly and without tools. We have completed the first model for a government agency. The polarity switcher will be attached to a 3.8 metre batwing antenna. The HMAM-Ka-Rx and Super-HMAM-Ka-Rx are based on our standard HMAM series but with special enhancements to ensure the precise antenna movement needed for Ka band operation.”

Hiltron’s HMAM motorised satellite antenna mounts are designed for two-way satellite communication or receive-only downlink applications. They can be used in a wide range of roles including broadcast and telecommunication downlinks. In its standard size, the HMAM series supports reflectors from 1.2 metres to 3.8 metres diameter. The Super HMAM version accepts reflectors of up to the 4.9 metres diameter.

An optional motorised feed changer allows the head to be moved quickly to a new position for switching between frequency bands. HMAM and Super HMAM mounts come complete with professional-grade drives for azimuth and elevation plus a high-precision polarisation drive. The combined head and drive form a three-axis motorised mount with more than 270 degrees of azimuth adjustment, 90 degrees of elevation adjustment range and fully adjustable polarisation.


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