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Forums Adobe After Effects Z-Buffer Videocopilot not linked properly?

  • Z-Buffer Videocopilot not linked properly?

  • Benedikt Hermes

    April 3, 2021 at 4:58 pm

    Hey everyone,
    I just joined this community, after I’ve read here lots of great help for stuff, I just couldn’t figure out myself. Thanks for that!

    But I’ve got a problem, I couldn’t fix with any tutorial I could find. I’m trying to make a 3D coordinate system, that shows acceleration data – the coordinatesystem works completely fine, since I’ve created it as a 3D comp and used an mgjson to make it rotate and stretch correctly. The dummy itself also works completely fine, since I’ve implemented this via Element 3D V2.
    BUT I actually want to make the coordinate system appear inside the dummy and not infront. I’d like to have the coordinate system aligned with its spine. Coordinatesystem and dummy shall be rotated via expression controls. But if I rotate the dummy right now, my coordinatesystem and my dummy rotate around different points (I’ll add a screenshot).

    Does anyone have an idea, how I could fix the rotational problem and the Z-Buffer (?) problem? Is there maybe another, more elegant solution?

    The dummy is implemented with the plugin as a solid layer. The 3D coordinate system is a composition itself, that I added as 3D composition.

    As soon as I rotate the dummy, it looks odd and I have to adjust the positions manually (what I would like not to do).

    The world transformation null is created by Element 3D. I had to create it, to rotate coordinatesystem and dummy the same ways.

    I created the vectors with elliptical paths and extruded them inside AE.

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